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Courier / driver

For our customers, you are the face of FedEx. They organize and handle the collection and delivery of shipments. Since you work in an area assigned to you, this is more than just a driver's job. By building close business relationships with customers, you ensure that we provide them with an excellent experience at all times. You take pride in the service you provide, your uniform and your vehicle.

You have an appropriate driver's license and are organized, flexible, precise and extremely customer-oriented.

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Customer service staff

Our customer service teams take care of the needs of each individual customer and support them in every way.

You are a good, patient, naturally kind listener with a real desire to help others. Your problem-solving skills are aided by your accuracy and attention to detail. You do not necessarily need to have call center experience, although this is useful if you enjoy taking on a role with direct customer contact and are comfortable working in a rapidly changing, technologically advanced environment.

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Handler (warehouse and loading ramp)

Our handlers (processors) ensure that customers' urgent shipments get to the right place on time. By sorting and relocating the parcels and freight, you ensure that this is the case. They check the air waybills for the correct destinations, identify the shipments for customs and use highly developed scanning technology so that our customers can track their shipments.

Dockside jobs (which only exist in airport-operated locations) are a great opportunity for someone looking to pursue an aircraft-related career. It ensures that the customers' consignments are unloaded or loaded quickly and safely from the aircraft. We train you in the specialist knowledge for a wide range of tasks, including piloting activities for safety and briefing our aircraft on the ground. Both jobs require a good team spirit, a precise way of working, a flexible approach and an uncompromising commitment to safety.

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Customs (import / export)

For this important part of our international delivery process, you will work closely with customs officials to ensure that the correct checks and processes are carried out. Using our internal computer systems, prepare the formal documents for customs clearance. Of course, we will train you in the necessary specialist knowledge.

In addition to experience in the administrative area, you need excellent communication skills, a precise way of working and the joy of dealing with numbers.

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Finance / customer accounting

As a member of the Financial Services for Customers team, you ensure that our customers understand the prices we charge you and answer any questions that may arise. In direct discussions with customers, you provide information and explanations about payments.

You are expected to resolve issues using both standardized and customized solutions, with excellent communication skills and accuracy. Using good judgment and common sense, you will compromise with customers with whom we would like to continue our business relationships.

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Sales / Marketing

FedEx has an impressive range of products and services for customers in any industry. The complexity and high value of these advanced solutions require a talented and dedicated sales team. Depending on the location, there are options for the field service (responsibility for an assigned area), for internal representatives (who set up the business by telephone) and for employees in the marketing department.

As a member of this team, you will inform and advise customers, evaluate their business requirements and make professional service recommendations.

Of course, you must enjoy working towards goals and objectives for this activity, and you are motivated by the recognition you get for achieving and exceeding those goals.

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Operational management

As a manager, you are responsible for FedEx's most important asset, which is our people. Our worldwide reputation for excellent service depends on what the people on your team are doing.

You have to be a real manager who can create trust and respect and who is able to exemplarily pursue the company's goal, which means: The customer should always have an excellent experience in dealing with us. We need you so that you can work for our team as a coach, as a motivating force and as a constant, good communicator.

Our business is too diverse for you to concentrate on your department. You need to build relationships with other managers, learn about different areas of the company, and figure out how to develop each individual's contribution.

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