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11/29/2013 - Malaysia, migrants, Islam, foreigners, Thailand, Asia

Malaysia - multi-ethnic state under the crescent moon
documentation - A film by Ute Werner. The national territory of Malaysia consists of two parts of the country separated by the South China Sea: West Malaysia, located south of Thailand on the Malay Peninsula, and East Malaysia on the island of Borneo - with the two states of Sarawak and Sabah. Around 25 million people live in the country whose state religion is Islam. However, there is freedom of religion for all citizens, which is of fundamental importance in Malaysia: The country is often referred to as "Asia in miniature" due to its numerous peoples and cultures. Fri, Nov 29 • 2: 30-3: 15 pm • HR

cosmo tv
“Welcome to Germany?” Cosmo tv leaves the studio: presenter Till Nassif drives into the country and meets people. The theme of the program: "Welcome culture in Germany". A year ago, a study by the Bertelsmann Foundation showed that Germans struggle with this. What has changed since then? How welcome are people from other countries with us today? What difference does it make whether you come as a refugee or as a manager?

The research leads Till Nassif and cosmo tv to Bielefeld: The city has written diversity into its mission statement and is serious about it. There is a far-reaching integration concept, an integration office that bundles competencies, and the city awards an integration prize once a year - endowed with 10,000 euros. And don't forget: The Carnival of Cultures - a classic for 17 years.

cosmo tv on the trail of diversity and welcoming culture in Bielefeld. We talk to the chairman of the integration council in the town hall and ask about the reasons why Bielefeld seems to deal with diversity so naturally.

With Salvatore Azzolina, one of the first guest workers from Italy, we eat ice cream and look back, remembering with him and his wife Carmelina the welcoming culture of the 1960s.

We also meet a Kurdish family who saved the church asylum from being deported. For Pastor Joachim Poggenklaß, church asylum has to do with hospitality and humanity. Germany seems to be keen to seal itself off from refugees. But sought-after specialists from abroad are downright courted. A two-class society in terms of immigration.

We meet Jochen Häger, managing director of a larger workshop for commercial vehicles. Through a recruitment agency, he was able to acquire an employee from Romania, an electronics specialist whom he had previously sought across Germany without success. One thing is clear to him: integration has long been part of everyday life. It works best through work and through solidarity among colleagues. And: It can also cost some money. Sat, Nov 30 • 02: 25-03: 00 • tagesschau24

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