How do I find an obedient woman

She is newly married, only 22 years old - and yet Ummu Atirah believes she already knows the secret of a happy marriage: obeying her husband and ensuring that he is sexually satisfied. She is not alone in this opinion. It was not until Saturday that the “Club of Obedient Women” was founded in Malaysia, with 800 members straight away.

The association claims to have found the solution to grievances such as prostitution and divorce. Women should be devoted and make their husbands happy in bed. “Islam requires us to obey our husbands. Whatever my husband wants, I have to follow. It is a sin to oppose him and not make him happy, ”says Ummu, pulling at her yellow headscarf.

The founder of the association is the Islamic group "Global Ikhwan". This group shows that in Malaysia the subculture of very conservative Islamic currents cannot be suppressed. For most politicians and the majority of the middle class, however, the organization is simply backward. "Global Ikhwan" is also an insult to modern women, "they say. Malaysia is one of the most progressive and modern Islamic nations in the world. 60 percent of the 28 million inhabitants are Muslim. Women hold high offices in politics and business.

Nevertheless, there is fear in the country that radical groups such as “Global Ikhwan” could gain popularity and thus endanger the ethnic and religious harmony in the country. "Unfortunately there are still many Muslim women who know little about their rights or who are too culturally inhibited to exercise their rights," says the Malaysian family politician Shahrizad Abdul Jalil.

Club co-founder Rohayah Mohamad is against it radically. “A good wife is a good sex worker in the service of her husband,” she says. In this way, the family as an institution remains protected. “This is the only way we can contain social evils,” Rohayah is certain. The doctor demands that wives should outgrow their traditional roles of good cooks and mothers. They would need to learn to obey, serve, and entertain so that their husbands would not stray from the path of virtue and misbehave. Indirectly, disobedient women are the cause of numerous problems, says Rohayah. So also for the rise in divorces in Malaysia. Their number almost doubled between 2002 and 2009. The Vice President of “Global Ikhwan” finds it strange that women do not welcome their husbands home in sexy clothes, but only with a tired smile.

“Global Ikhwan” is the successor organization of a sect that was banned in 1994 and whose teachings did not correspond to Muslim values. The now founded group is financed by running restaurants and grocery stores. It also has sponsors among foreign companies.

After all, the club is causing a sensation in the country. Protests are formed on Facebook websites: “We don't want the sexist nonsense of the 'Global Ikhwan',” it says there. Several Muslims insist that they do not want women who bow to their every wish. “We are not your masters, but your equals.” The women's group “Sisters of Islam” argues that Islam promotes marriages based on cooperation and mutual respect. "Communication, not submission, is crucial to maintaining a healthy relationship." (AP)