Meghan is not popular in the UK

After a TV interview : Harry and Meghan unpopular in the UK like never before

After their sensational television interview, the British Prince Harry and his wife Meghan are as unpopular with the British as never before. In a poll published on Friday, 48 for the first time, more participants expressed a negative opinion of Harry, only 45 percent are positive about him. His wife Meghan gets off even worse, 58 percent of those surveyed have a bad opinion of her, only 31 percent see her as positive.

According to the survey, attitudes towards the other members of the royal family have not changed. At the top of the popularity scale is Queen Elizabeth II with approval ratings of 80 percent. Harry's brother Prince William and his wife Kate also have popularity ratings of around 75 percent. Only heir to the throne, Prince Charles, suffered losses in popularity after the interview, and positive opinions about him fell by nine percentage points to 49 percent.

Meghan and Harry's television interview, broadcast on Sunday in the US and Monday in the UK, made waves in the UK. Meghan said in it that during her first pregnancy there were "worries and discussions" in the royal family about her unborn child about "how dark his skin may be when he is born".

In addition, the 39-year-old former US actress described that despite her suicidal thoughts because of the permanent negative media coverage of her, a high-ranking palace representative had denied her psychological help out of concern for the image of the royals. Harry reported feeling "abandoned" by his father, Charles. (AFP)

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