What is a heavy breakfast

Breakfast: yes or no?

Breakfast yes or no? A question on which opinions differ. Some people absolutely need something in their stomachs in the morning, others just can't get a bite in the morning. Then there is the well-intentioned advice from our grandmothers that rings in our ears: "You shouldn't leave the house without breakfast." Not to mention the various "nutrition experts" who some claim that breakfast is essential in order to weight loss, while others are of the opinion that the first meal should be eaten as late as possible.
You are confused? We're trying to shed some light on the darkness.

Skip breakfast?

For many, breakfast is one of them most important meal of the day. The reason: In the morning, the body's stores emptied during the night would be replenished. Only if we have this Energy reserves fill up again with a balanced breakfast, we could get through the day fit and full of energy.
But what if you still feel so full in the morning that you just can't eat anything? This can be especially the case if you eat late in the evening and your body is simply still well taken care of the next morning.
If you are not hungry in the morning, there is no point in forcing yourself to eat something. Your body shows you pretty much exactly when it needs food to get new energy. It is important that you spread out all the important ones throughout the day nutrient take to you.

Lose weight without breakfast?

On the question of whether it can be helpful to skip breakfast if you can lose weight would like, there are different views. When you consider that every body is different, that's only too understandable. Because here, too, as with everything: It's all a question of your personality and your body.
If you are hungry in the morning but skip breakfast, you tend to go later Hunger pangs and ultimately to consume more overall than he would have done with a good breakfast. Not to mention, most of us get in a bad mood when we're hungry and our concentration drops. It was not for nothing that the term was used "Hangry" embossed. And who would like to go through the day grouchy just because they skipped breakfast in the morning?
But what about the proponents of the so-called Intermittent fasting or also intermittent fasting? With this form of nutrition, food intake is limited to a certain time. For example, people fast for 16 hours and eat for 8 hours. This automatically moves the first meal of the day backwards. Proponents of fasting cite as an argument of the meal breaks that the body has the opportunity to process the food previously consumed and thus relieve the stomach. In addition, many find it difficult to consume the same number of calories in the reduced time available to eat as they would otherwise throughout the day. This reduces the calorie intake, which can lead to weight loss with constant physical activity. However, it is then important that you consume sufficient nutrients during the time you are eating so that it does not increase Deficiency symptoms comes.

What does a balanced breakfast include?

What that for you ideal breakfast depends on yours taste and yours physical condition as well as yours activity from. It is therefore difficult to make a general statement. Overall, it is recommended to have one in the morning Mixture of carbohydrates, unsaturated fatty acids and proteins to take to you. If you have an office job and mainly work sitting down, it probably makes more sense to keep the protein content higher than the carbohydrate content. However, if you are very physically active, your body probably needs more carbohydrates to have enough energy.

That brings us to the next point: Should I get my breakfast? prepare yourself or does the piece from the baker also do it?
The advantages of preparing your own breakfast and not using a snack from the bakery or kiosk are obvious: You can determine which ingredients are included in your breakfast, you can determine the amount yourself and it is permanent probably cheaper. Every now and then a snack from the kiosk around the corner won't stand in the way of an energetic day. Or maybe a whole grain bread will do the trick and not the croissant, which you can of course indulge in every now and then.

Delicious breakfast ideas

All those who (would) like to have breakfast in the morning will find on our Recipe blog a diverse selection of delicious breakfast ideas, from sweet to savory, from unusual to simple. Maybe there is something for you, even if you normally skip breakfast. A variety is definitely provided. There is nothing better than looking forward to your breakfast when you wake up. Getting up is easier then.
The classic in the morning is thatPorridge, also known as porridge. Be for it Oat flakes with various nuts, kernels and dried fruits mixed or topped. Depending on your taste, you can boil it with milk or water, or you can let it soak in the liquid overnight and yours the next morning Overnight Oats enjoy. There are no limits to your imagination when choosing the ingredients. Nuts and dried fruits provide you with important ones Vitamins and minerals.
You can find a recipe for overnight oats with cashew nuts and strawberries here.
If you have little time or just don't feel like putting together your own muesli, ours are ours CORE mueslis the right choice for you. Oat flakes with freshly roasted nuts, crunchy granola, various dried fruits and seeds ensure an uncomplicated and enjoyable start to the day. Whether in milk, in yoghurt or simply pure: How you enjoy the core mueslis is entirely up to you.

You're more of the type who likes loaf eats for breakfast? Then you can lay the foundation for a day full of vigor with the right topping. Grained cream cheese or Quark provide a lot of protein. Nut creams provide you with unsaturated fatty acids and protein as well as other important nutrients. You can find one in the KERNenergie range diverse selection of nut creams. There is also something for those who like it sweeter or chocolatier.

Of course, homemade bread tastes best. For example, how about one Sunflower seed bread or the popular one banana bread?

Breakfast to go

A delicious breakfast doesn't have to be complicated. So if it is only the supposed effort that prevents you from having breakfast regularly or you just get something from the bakery on the go, this argument is refuted with our quick breakfast ideas.
By the way, it doesn't matter that much if you do it every day you have the same breakfast or regularly trying different ideas. It is important that you yourself overall varied nourish as it is more likely that you will ingest various nutrients.

Green smoothie from the Hahnertwins

The successful marathon runners Anna and Lisa Hahner love green smoothies. After all, you can use it in a quick and uncomplicated way Vitamins take to you. Hence, they are one too good foundation for your start to the day. Smoothies consist of a mixture of sweet fruits and green vegetables and can be modified depending on the season and mood. This is especially appreciated by all those who have a purely plant-based diet vegan and delicious breakfast idea.

For one richer smoothie If you add some nut cream or a handful of nuts and at the same time consume plenty of unsaturated fatty acids.
Smoothies are also well suited for you if you can't eat anything heavy in the morning, but still want to get something in your stomach, perhaps because you know that you will no longer have the opportunity to eat anytime soon. In addition, they are easy to transport and are wonderful Take away breakfastthat you mix together quickly in the morning and then enjoy on the go. Of course, it is always advisable to have your breakfast in peace and quiet, but we all know that in practice it does not always go as it is in the textbooks and that time is often short.

The recipe for the Green smoothie from the Hahnertwins do you find here.

Muesli to go: berry cereal biscuits

These Cereal biscuits are something more time consuming in preparation, but once they are ready, they are a great way to enjoy your muesli in a different way and even not have to go without them when you are out and about.
Our Berry core muesli provides the basis for the biscuits and, in combination with other ingredients such as oat flakes, chia seeds and spelled flour, creates a delicious and filling breakfast.

Here goes to the recipe of the berry cereal biscuits.

This is how the day starts

With all the thoughts we have about breakfast, one thing must not be forgotten: Drink enough applies not only throughout the day, but especially in the early morning. With plenty of water shortly after getting up, you balance the fluid that your body has lost during the night. We recommend lukewarm water.

Ultimately, the question "Breakfast in the morning: yes or no?“Each answer for himself. Listen to your body, experiment maybe something (as long as it feels good) and find the rhythm that is right for you. As long as you eat a balanced diet throughout the day and everyone relevant nutrients when you eat the first meal of the day, it hardly matters.