Why rag the students

EnglishGermanto tamper with sth.doktern on sth.to tamper with sth.tinkering with sth. [coll.] [to cause damage or to manipulate sth.]to tamper with sth.to falsify sthto tamper with sth.to mess around with sth.to tamper with sth.to change sth. fraudulentlyto tamper with sth.make unauthorized changes to sthto tamper with the balanceto tweak the balance sheetto tamper with the booksto tweak the booksto tamper with the booksforge the booksto tamper with the fundsattack at the cash registerto tamper with the recordstweak the recordsto tamper with witnessesInfluence witnessesto tampon sth.to pad sthto tamponadetamponto tanto tan [animal skin, fur]to tanto tan [from the sun etc.]to tanTo get tannedto tan [hides etc. with tanbark]blazeto tan oneself [get a suntan]to tan [to sunbathe]to tan sb.'s hide [coll.]sb. to tan the hideto tan sb.'s hide [coll.]sb. to spank the skinto tangleget mixed up [old]to tangleTo get confusedto tangleto get tangled upto tangleget confusedto tangleconfuseto tangletangle upto tangle upget mixed up [old]to tangle upTo get confusedto tangle uptangleto tangle upconfuseto tangle withto clash [old]to tangle with one anothercome togetherto tangle with sb.to deal with sb. investto tangodance tangoto tank [coll.] [crash]to crash [market]to tank [coll.] [crash]collapse B. Economics]to tank along [coll.]to board [coll.]to tank along [coll.]to whiz awayto tank sth. [coll.] [do less well than one could have done]to mess up sth.to tank up [vehicle]refuel [vehicle]to tank up (on)to get full (with) [coll.]to tanker sth. [transport in a tanker]to transport sth. in a tankerto tantalize [Br.]to irritate [torment]to tantalize [Br.]tickleto tantalize [Br.] (with)exciteto tantalize [Br.] (with)hold out (with)to tantalize sb. [Br.] [E.g. questions, the idea of ​​sth.]sb. to torment [go.] [e.g. B. Questions, the idea of ​​sth.]to tantalize sb. [Br.] [E.g. questions, the idea of ​​sth.]sb. torment B. Questions, the idea of ​​sth.]to tantalizeexciteto tantalizehold out (with)to tantalizetormentto tantalizetormentto tantalizeirritateto tantalizetickleto taptapto tapconnectto tapdevelop [raw material sources etc.]to tapPierce the barrelto tapDraw off the liquidto tapbeatto tapprovided with a spigot / tapto tappunctureto tapCut off slagto tapTap the voltageto taptapto tapknock lightlyto taptap lightlyto taphit easilyto tapthrob [softly]to taptapto tapquiltingto tapTap dancingto tap [barrel, tree]tapto tap [barrel]pierceto tap [beer, wine]tapto tap [strike gently]tap [tap, touch lightly and briefly]to tap [to cut a female screw thread]Cut thread [internal thread]to tap / knock out a pipe [smoking]to knock out a pipe [smoking]to tap a caskto tap [to tap a barrel]to tap a lineeavesdropping on a telephoneto tap a marketopen up a marketto tap a telephone lineto tap into a telephone lineto tap a wiretap into a phoneto tap at / on the doorknock gently on the doorto tap at the doorknock lightly on the doorto tap away at the keysto press around on the keysto tap (in)hit [z. B. Pens]to tap into a phone conversationlisten to a phone callto tap into new marketsopen up new marketsto tap into sth.to tap sthto tap into sth.make use of sthto tap into sth.to make use of sthto tap new resourcestap new sourcesto tap new resources of creditdevelop new sources of creditto tap on the doorknock lightly on the doorto tap one's foot in time to the musictap the beat with your footto tap one's foot in time to the musicBeat the beat with your footto tap one's foreheadtap [Dat.] on the foreheadto tap one's forehead at sb. [to indicate sb. is stupid]sb. to show the bird«Tota - tota - tota - tota - tota - tota - tota - tota - dead - dead - dead »