RBEI offers freshmen an enrollment bonus

How will the growth of a fresher employee in the SAP laboratories after one or two years be in terms of both wages and knowledge?

I'm not sure where you got this piece from that SAP consultants get paid high.

I needed 4 switches to maintain the 3: 1 ratio, which is my annual salary (in lakh rupees) based on years of experience. I'm talking about India here.

If you are from Western Europe or North America you shouldn't even go into the profession as your job will be outsourced to India very soon. It's not worth your money or time. To further depress you, your own Havard or Princeton degrees would want it to be outsourced in India as it saves IT costs. After the 2008 fiasco, cost reduction is the new growth mantra.

Although I don't really understand how a cost reduction in the IT industry, invented primarily to reduce the cost of running the business, will fuel business growth. To explain it in the correct analogy, you want to fell the trees but are not ready to sharpen the saw.

I have personally interviewed many children who are familiar with the basics of SAP consulting without any legitimate education or formal experience. Mother of all, you are willing to work for as low a wage as $ 150 a month. Thanks to shady or literally fake SAP training institutes in Andhra Pradesh, India. These institutes even offer fake experience certificates and training certificates, which reduces the relevance of SAP certifications.

That's why the credibility and salaries of SAP consultants have dropped dramatically.

Just to give you a hint: - An Android developer does an average of 5 times more than a SAP consultant. In addition, Android is an open source technology that any child can learn using the Internet. While working for SAP, you must spend a fortune to get proper training and certification.