What makes a good street fighter

Sports : Klitschko meets a street fighter

Mannheim - It was a typical Don King thing. Ray Austin, the American, and Sultan Ibragimov, the Russian fought in a final for the right to challenge Wladimir Klitschko. After twelve rounds, the fight ended in a draw in Hollywood, Florida, in July 2006. What to do? The King's management lodged a protest at the IBF because the referee had not rated a rainfall as such, but as a slip.

In the video recording, the King people argued, it can be clearly seen that Ibragimov hit the ground in the seventh round - so one point was deducted from him. The IBF agreed with King / Austin, did not change the verdict, but chose the 36-year-old American to be the next compulsory opponent of their heavyweight world champion.

The IBF champion Wladimir Klitschko will face an opponent at eye level in his 51st fight in the Mannheim SAP Arena (RTL, live 10.15 p.m.) on Saturday, but only in terms of body size, not the boxing class. Klitschko measures two meters, Austin is only two centimeters shorter. In the end it was a distinguished banker (Calvin Brock) who - in vain - tried to wrest his title and belt from him, this time a tough guy from the ghetto tries. Austin says he comes from a “rough neighborhood,” a dangerous neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio. Since his youth he has had ten times more fights on the street than in the ring. Only at the age of 27, in 1998, did the "Streetfighter" decide to use his fists as a "Prizefighter", 31 times so far (24 wins, three losses and four draws).

The victories of his street fights are not in any statistics. "I've been through a lot," says Ray Austin. “That's why this title fight is the greatest success of my life. In the end, evil has become good. "

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