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The 10 Most Beautiful Luxury Vacation Destinations For Millionaires

As the winner of the Austrian Class Lottery, you can make your holiday dream come true. Here we show you the 10 most beautiful luxury vacation destinations for millionaires.

Saint Tropez: From a small fishing village to a meeting place for the super-rich

Since the end of the 1950s, the French port with its current population of almost 4,500 in the Var department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region has been an exclusive holiday destination for the international jet set.

Once, Saint Tropez was just a small fishing village, the residents of which found their livelihood with great difficulty and therefore emigrated many times. At the latest with the construction of the luxury category Port Grimaud tourist settlement from 1964 in the neighboring municipality of Grimaud, more and more high-income earners were drawn to the houses there with boat berths for private yachts. 2.5 kilometers away is the beach of Pampelonne near Ramatuelle, the longest beach on the Côte d’Azur.

Bermuda: With the private jet directly to the airport at your own holiday home

Of the approx. 360 coral islands in Bermuda a good 1,000 kilometers off the US east coast, only about 20 are inhabited. In addition to the almost 65,000 locals, mainly millionaires and billionaires, who often own luxurious villas there.

Prominent homeowners include former US presidential candidate Ross Perot and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The small island of Hinson’s Island off the north coast of Grand Bermuda, for example, is considered very exclusive and accordingly expensive. Houses there are usually a lot more expensive than the average of 4 million dollars for a four-bedroom property on the rest of the islands.

Aspen, Colorado: The winter sports resort of the rich in the Rocky Mountains

The small town with currently almost 6,700 inhabitants in the state of Colorado around 200 kilometers southwest of Denver is one of the most popular winter sports locations and, according to the Forbes Institute, the richest city in the USA.

The average home purchase price is currently over $ 1.5 million. Well-known and well-heeled homeowners in Aspen have included actors Charlie Sheen and Kevin Costner, singer Cher, songwriter John Denver, software developer and co-founder of Sun Microsystems Bill Joy, heir to Woolworth Lance Reventlow , the founder of "gonzo journalism" Hunter S. Thompson and the well-known cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Saint-Barthélemy: Christmas in the Caribbean for people with big travel budgets

The only 21 km² large island of the Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean Saint-Barthélemy has been a French overseas territory since 2007 and part of the European Union since 2012.

The pioneer of the very rich vacationers on the small island was the American banker David Rockefeller, who bought a property there in 1957, which is now part of the portfolio of the Russian oligarch and owner of the English football club Chelsea FC Roman Abramowitsch. Since then, wealthy entrepreneurs and their entourage of stars and starlets have been drawn to the island again and again, and numerous giant yachts anchor there in the turquoise-blue coastal waters, especially during the Christmas season.

Jamaica: Reggae rhythms, rum and Rastafaris are also popular with rich travelers

The third largest island in the Greater Antilles with an area of ​​almost 11,000 km² has not only been a longing destination for many European and American music lovers and supporters of certain illegal intoxicants for decades, but also many wealthy and / or prominent contemporaries owned and have retreats there for their regular vacations.

For example, the famous American country singer and songwriter Johnny Cash and his wife Valerie June Carter Cash spent more than four decades at their Cinnamon Hill estate near Montego Bay. The two seaside resorts of Doctor’s Cave and White Sands also enjoy a good reputation as vacation homes for financially well-off Americans.

Palm Beach, Florida: The Spanish Castle is now an official national monument

The city of 8,300 in Palm Beach County, named after it, on the east coast of the US state of Florida a good 100 kilometers north of Miami was known as a winter vacation spot for the super-rich as early as 1900.

The then well-known art collector and owner of General Foods Marjorie Merriweather Post, with her fortune of around 250 million US dollars, had the 118-room castle “Mar-A-Lago” built there as a summer residence between 1924 and 1927. Since 1980 the building in the middle of a large green area has been officially recognized as a state "National Historic Landmark". Donald Trump bought it in 1985, and the "International Red Cross" ball has been held in the newly built ballroom since 2005.

Hamptons, New York: America's Most Expensive Homes and Their Famous Owners

The region named after the cities of East Hampton, Bridgehampton, Hampton Bays, Southampton and Westhampton is located on the eastern end of Long Island in Suffolk County in the American state of New York between 130 and 230 kilometers from New York City.

The Mecca of the super-rich is primarily used by Americans as a weekend or summer residence, the postcode districts Sagaponack, Water Mill and Bridgehampton are the highest in the country, according to Business Week magazine, with average house prices of over 5 million dollars. Among many other wealthy people, singers Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez, as well as director Steven Spielberg and professional golfer Tiger Woods, also own properties here.

Sardinia: The politician lives extravagantly, the actor lives modestly

Some celebrities are also “hiding” among the currently 1.6 million inhabitants of the second largest Italian island with an area of ​​over 24,000 km².

For example, the former prime minister of the country Silvio Berlusconi, whose “Villa Certosa” in Porto Rotondo near Olbia has 27 rooms and several swimming pools as well as an amphitheater with 400 seats, which is recreated from the Greek originals. The German actor Götz George, on the other hand, has been spending his vacation in Sardinia for three decades in a much more Spartan manner. In his holiday home in the area of ​​San Teodoro in the northeast of the island, he says he has no telephone, television or newspaper.

Cape Town, South Africa: Spend a classy vacation right on the Cape of Good Hope

The second largest city in South Africa with around 3.7 million inhabitants was named the most beautiful travel destination in the world in 2014 by renowned papers such as the “New York Times” and the “Telegraph”. Especially in the districts directly on the water, such as Hout Bay and Llandudno on the "Atlantic Seabord", many wealthy people have acquired luxury holiday properties.

Other well-known residential areas there are the Green Point neighborhood, popular with gays, the affluent suburb of Mouille Point, known for its golf course, the Sea Point residential area, which was reserved for white apartheid times, and the neighboring Bantry Bay, which is of course protected from the strong winds otherwise on Cape Town's coast .

Necker Island, Virgin Islands: The playground of the English eccentric

The only 30 hectare and second-northernmost island of the Virgin Islands has been privately owned by British entrepreneur Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson since 1979.

The passionate balloonist and sociopolitical patron acquired the island for an estimated 10 million US dollars, within three years he had a property built there with 10 rooms with a panoramic view of the sea for up to 30 people. For the "little thing" of around 65,000 US dollars per day, even solvent prospects can spend their vacation there. There are then two private beaches, various pools, tennis courts, a personal chef, around 100 domestic workers and numerous opportunities for water sports at their disposal.

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