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Real estate finance for non-resident taxpayers: Singapore residents

You live and work - for example as an expat Singapore and want to finance a property in Germany? Then you will surely have noticed that this is currently a huge problem for German banks. Most banks have a fundamental problem with living and income in Singapore Singapore dollar (An income in USD or the like doesn't make it any better either). But: we can offer you solutions if necessary (updated March 22, 2020).

First of all, an important note: even Corona does not completely pass us by. We ourselves are continuing to work unchanged, but the situation is currently tense at some banks. This applies above all to the banks, which insist that loan agreements must be signed on site in a branch in Germany (which, for understandable reasons, is currently not possible). We are therefore currently concentrating on the banks in Germany that also send loan agreements to Singapore by post or email.

When looking for real estate financing in Germany, you will probably hear from banks again and again that some laws make this impossible. One or the other bank may tell you about changes in the law in 2016, for example the so-called Residential Property Credit Directive (WKR). If someone comes to you with such arguments, you can actually "close the books", because your counterpart obviously has no idea.

In 2016 there were actually some legislative changes or new laws that oblige banks to adhere to certain (new) rules when granting loans. One point is, for example, the so-called conversion right for "foreign currency loans" (= loan currency is not the same as income currency). The latter only applies to consumers who live in an EU country that does not have the euro as the national currency (e.g. Great Britain or Denmark). Anyone who lives and works in Singapore is not affected at all.

In the past 3 years or so (since March 2016) we have spent a lot of time finding banks that grant loans despite being abroad. We have found what we are looking for and have been able to gain a lot of experience in this area over the years. Accordingly, we know which credit institutions (banks, savings banks, insurers or building societies) can be considered for your financing projects.

As a freelance mortgage broker, we are happy to help you find affordable property finance for real estate in Germany. Our service is free of charge for you as a consumer, because we receive a one-off commission from the banks if the mediation is successful. We get this commission because we relieve the lender of a lot of work and effort.

If you want to know which financing options we can offer you, just contact us! You can contact our specialist for "Residence Singapore" as follows (also outside of the usual banking hours in Germany):

Rainer Böddeker


Eppendorfer Landstr. 132 - D-20251 Hamburg

Phone: +49 (0) 40 - 24 42 71 84

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. To display JavaScript must be turned on!


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