How does the Christmas Eve start

Christmas classics: THAT is the most popular Christmas Eve meal

December 23, 2020 - 7:40 a.m.

What do you like to eat most on Christmas Eve?

Even if the celebrations in the Corona year have to be much smaller: on Christmas Eve we traditionally sit together with our loved ones, exchange gifts - and of course eat together. Almost every family has their own traditions when it comes to Christmas. Especially when it comes to food, these are lived out from year to year. For some, the roast goose is part of it, for others the obligatory sausages with potato salad. But what do most people put on the table?

Why actually potato salad and sausages?

So: what do Germans prefer to eat on Christmas Eve? According to a Statista survey, they are Potato salad and sausages. This simple home cooking is 35 percent on the Christmas menu and has long become a tradition. But how did it come about that a meal that is also available on children's birthdays, at the French fries booth or in the canteen, achieved such a status?

One possible explanation is that in the post-war period the ingredients for potato salad were readily available and inexpensive. In addition, potato salad is easy to prepare and is usually eaten cold. And the sausages just have to be warmed up - this time saving should still be one of the reasons why the dish is so popular with many!

Fondue is the Christmas front runner on Instagram

After potato salad and sausages have it Duck and goose (25 and 22 percent) made it into the top 3. 4th place goes to the sociable Raclette (19 percent), 5th place, with 13 percent, that fondue. But according to the holiday platform "Holidu", the fondue has overtaken the Christmas Eve classic, at least in social media. The travel portal scoured Instagram for the most frequent hashtags in connection with Christmas menus - and with over a million hashtags, the fondue is the absolute front runner there.

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