Is V Kim Taehyung secretly dating someone


Jina POV
Taehyung collapsed on the floor and screamed in pain. For me everything went like in slow motion. There were police officers rushing in and someone shook me but I only saw Tae lying on the floor screaming in pain.

Rescue workers took Tae with a stretcher and pulled me too.

I finally came to in the ambulance. I saw Tae and held his hand and started crying myself. But then he passed out and I screamed in panic. "TAE NO DO NOT COME BACK PLEASE DO NOT"

We got to the emergency room and they took Tae away. I wanted to go to him and screamed but they pulled me away from him and brought me into a room which they then locked.

I literally screamed my heart out because I was so afraid for Tae. I couldn't imagine life without him. I then realized that the situation could end up with Tae dying. And it would be my fault because he came to get me.

I started to cry bitterly and fell to the next wall to let myself down on this one.

After what felt like hours someone finally opened the door and said. "You can go to him now." I nodded fearfully and followed him. We went to the intensive care unit and into a room quite far at the end of the hall.

Taehyung was there. I ran up to him immediately. But what I saw was horrible. A completely pale Tae who had a breathing mask on. I took his hand and put it on my cheek and started crying again. “Tae, I'm so sorry. This is all my fault I should have- "He interrupted me by placing his lips on mine. I kissed his weaknesses in return and then pressed another kiss on his forehead.

A doctor came in and said "Miss Jung we would have to examine you again, please follow me" I nodded and followed the doctor obediently. After all the examinations, I should actually go, but the doctor said. "Wait a minute, if that's really true ... please double check "a nurse came and the doctor showed her something on the paper.

I was getting scared. We did another examination and the nurse asked me "Is Mr. Kim your boyfriend?" I nodded happily and she smiled gently at me. After this examination I was finally allowed to go back to Tae.

Then the doctor came back in and said happily "I have good news for you" we both looked at him expectantly and he went on talking. "Well, you Mr. Kim will be completely well again. And I have good news for both of you as well." he made an exciting break and I really wanted to know what was on that piece of paper. "So Mr. Kim and Miss Jung .. they are going to be parents!"

Tae shouted happily and hugged me tightly. I would need a moment to understand for myself what he had just said. When I finally understood that I also pressed Tae. We broke up again and looked both on my stomach. You couldn't see any change yet, but Taehyung didn't care. He caressed my stomach lovingly and I had to laugh. "How long?" Tae then suddenly asked. "7 weeks" the doctor knocked out and we both looked at each other shocked but happy at the same time.


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