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Marquis de Lafayette

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Marquis de Lafayette

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"Rebellion is the most sacred of all rights and the most necessary of all duties."
Marquis de Lafayette

Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette or better known as Lafayettewas a French nobleman who served as one of the top commanders under George Washington.

Life [edit | Edit source]

When in 1777 he wanted to travel to America with a self-recruited volunteer group and against the will of his family, he had difficulties getting there. King George already stopped his crossing in Bordeaux and was about to capture Lafayette's new ship La Victoire and have him arrested. Lafayette was stubborn and rode to Spain to continue his journey there, but since King George's spies continued to pursue him, his only chance to come to America was to disguise himself as a woman. The ruse succeeded and on June 13 he docked with the frigate Hermione in Charleston (South Carolina) and offered his services to the Continental Army.

But the Congress feared that it was all about fame, so Lafayette offered his services for free and he got the office of Major General, at just 20 years of age. In the Battle of Brandywine, despite the defeat, he showed his leadership skills and saved the lives of hundreds of soldiers, for which he was highly praised. He also became one of Washington's most important men and friends in the revolution.

Sometime during the American Revolution he met the assassin Conner, who until then had often helped the Continental Army, which is why the two men showed each other a great deal of respect.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • With the Prussian officer von Steuben, he reformed and structured the weakened Continental Army, which probably led to its success after the winter camp in Valley Forge.
  • He was made an honorary citizen of the United States of America in 2002.
  • His quote appears in the trailer for Assassin's Creed III.
  • After the War of Independence he was a revolutionary in France.