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ENTP Personality Type: The Debater

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Knowing your personality type opens up the opportunity to work with a trained therapist to guide you on a journey of self-discovery. Your personal growth, relationships, and career are much more likely to be successful and happy when you have a deep understanding of why you do the things you do and think the way you think. The first step in strengthening your strengths and neutralizing your weaknesses is to know your personality type.

In this series of guides we examine the 16 personality types based on the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator).

In the 1940s, two notable women, Katherine Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Myers, developed the MBTI personality test. Myers-Briggs relied heavily on Carl Jung's theories and concluded that every human being:

  • is either extroverted (E) or introverted (I)
  • They use either intuition (N) or perception (S) to experience the world around them
  • You use either feeling (F) or thinking (T) to make decisions
  • They use either Perception (P) or Assessment (J) to achieve their goals

The different combinations of these contrasts form the 16 personality types.

The 16 personality types

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Analysts: Architect (INTJ), Logician (INTP), Commanding Officer (ENTJ), Debater (ENTP).

Diplomats: Lawyer (INFJ), Mediator (INFP), Protagonist (ENFJ), Activist (ENFP).

Sentinels: Logistician (ISTJ), Defense Counsel (ISFJ), Managing Director (ESTJ), Consul (ESFJ).

Explorer: Virtuoso (ISTP), adventurer (ISFP), entrepreneur (ESTP), entertainer (ESFP).

Overview of the personality type ENTP or Debater

ENTP is the abbreviation for extraversion, intuition, thinking and perception.

Extroversion: ENTPs are stimulated by interacting with people and objects in the outside world.

Intuition:ENTP focuses on the bigger picture and the future possibilities; They tend to pay less attention to details and the current situation. ENTP personality types are more abstract than concrete thinkers.

Think:ENTPs are objective decision makers. The ENTP personality type uses logic to make a decision rather than personal preference or social considerations.

perception: ENTPs are slow decision makers. The ENTP personality type delays decision-making and prefers to "keep options open".

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ENTP personality types are competent and intelligent. You are quick-witted and can recognize complex relationships between people, objects and ideas. ENTPs have a perverse sense of humor that other personality types may not appreciate, and they can take the opposite side in a debate even if they disagree with it. ENTP personality types find original, unexpected solutions to complex problems, but they may find it difficult to work through and formulate a detailed plan. The ENTP personality types believe that every problem has a solution. ENTPs are optimistic and relaxed; You don't worry about the little things.

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ENTPs make up between two and five percent of the population; more men than women are ENTP personality types.

ENTP's Play The Devil's Lawyer

There is nothing an ENTP personality type likes more than good debate. ENTPs do not argue to find any deeper truth or meaning; They fight because it's fun. ENTP personality types discuss issues from every angle, quickly see a counter-argument for any opposing opinion, and leave their opponents exhausted and confused. ENTP personality types are unwaveringly honest, but for good debate, they will argue for something they don't believe in just to keep it going. Her quick wit and impressive verbal skills make the ENTP personality type difficult to beat in a debate.

ENTPs are lifelong learners

ENTP personality types love to learn new things, especially abstract concepts. ENTP's study, not to graduate or advance their careers, but because they find the information interesting and value knowledge as a path to greater understanding and personal growth.

ENTPs are innovators

The ENTP personality type takes and solves a problem that other personality types consider unsolvable. ENTP think creatively, rejecting tradition and established ideas. The ENTP personality type does not believe in 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'; You will be determined to try to improve the methods of getting a task done, or at least find different ways to achieve the same result. ENTPs can quickly recognize the connections between people, ideas and things and develop original ideas for new projects or solve the problems of current projects.

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ENTPs are visionaries

The ENTP personality types see opportunities in the world around them. ENTP's view of the future, not the past. Her passion is to make the world a better place. ENTP personality types are excited about their ideas and their enthusiasm inspires others to help them achieve their visions.

ENTPs and career options

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ENTPs are good lawyers because of their verbal skills, their ability to think on their feet, and their innate desire to crush opposing arguments, whether or not they agree with them. ENTP personality types also work well as architects and city planners. ENTP personality types have many other career opportunities and can be found in almost any field. You will be successful at most. Careers the ENTP should avoid are those where they need to pay attention to details or follow routines and procedures. ENTP personality types are happiest as idea givers who can delegate the dirty work to subordinates.

ENTPs andRelationships

The ENTP personality types are fun to be around and their partners are rarely bored. ENTPs are straightforward and involve their partners in their never-ending thirst for knowledge and personal growth. ENTP personality types bring the same excitement and enthusiasm for new ideas and challenges into their close relationships as they do in their careers.

There are some downsides to those related to an ENTP personality type: everyday chores like washing the dishes or mowing the lawn were wearing them, and they are likely to neglect them. The ENTP's desire to discuss any topic, large or small, can be a nuisance to a partner who needs moderate rest. Because ENTP personality types are easily bored, they can be impulsive into new ventures and take financial and professional risks that put a strain on the family. ENTPs also have a quirky sense of humor and tend to make fun of others and inadvertently hurt their feelings without even realizing it.

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ENTP personality types never completely lose their inner child and, as parents, create a fun-loving environment in which their children can learn, grow and think for themselves. ENTPs can refrain from spending time with their children when they are embarking on another great idea for making the world a better place.

The strengths of ENTP

ENTPs love a challenge and can be trusted that they will never get out of difficult situations or hardships. The ENTP personality types believe that anything is possible and find a creative solution to any problem.

ENTPs are charismatic. People are drawn to the fun-loving, optimistic ENTP personality type and can be good leaders.

ENTPs encourage and embrace change. Because ENTP personality types are easily bored with routines and norms, they are constantly looking for new and better ways to do things.

ENTPs are always on the lookout for new knowledge. You are enthusiastic and passionate about new activities and ideas.

ENTPs are competent, quick-thinking and creative.

The weaknesses of ENTP

ENTPs get bored easily. The ENTP personality type is always looking for something new; You get bored with routines and people that have been around for a while. ENTPs tend to have shorter-term relationships than other personality types and are prone to relationship cracks. They'll also leave projects and tasks unfinished when they get bored and move on to the next exciting thing. Often times, your brilliant plans don't come to fruition because they move on before they achieve anything.

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ENTPs take risks. The ENTP personality type gets excited and excited about a new business and will step in without thinking about the pros and cons, which in some cases can lead to financial difficulties.

ENTPs have to argue all the time, and other people see this as confrontational at worst and exhausting at best.

ENTPs can be so dull that they are insensitive to the feelings of others. They have a perverted sense of humor and tend to make fun of fun that can be misunderstood by others and hurt their feelings.

ENTPs may be intolerant of people who cannot keep up with them. ENTP personality types not only reject an idea if it doesn't stand the test, but also the person who works with it.

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ENTPs are innovators who continually seek knowledge, personal growth, and inspire others to join them on their exciting journey to new endeavors. ENTP personality types work well for anything they do, provided it's not routine and detailed. They are fun-loving, relaxed, charismatic and other people enjoy being in their company. The ENTP personality type is quick-witted and verbally gifted.

ENTP personality types can be insensitive to the feelings of others and do not always realize that their sense of humor and dullness can be harmful to others. ENTP often hesitate when an important decision needs to be made. The ENTP personality type also tends to leave tasks unfinished when something more interesting comes up.

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