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Advantages and disadvantages of emulsion paint

A fresh painting job on the outside will make your home enjoyable and last longer. The paint application indicates that the work of a house is complete. There is a sense of completion and novelty. Choosing the color is therefore the very important task. Nowadays the newest colors are available in the market. One of the alternatives is emulsion paint.

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Emulsion paint has many advantages over the usual paint:

  • Emulsion paints are less toxic compared to other oil based paints and zero volatile organic compounds and also less irritating to the skin.
  • Emulsion paints are easy to apply and dry quickly than other water-based and oil-based paints.
  • The surface of the emulsion paint is hard and can be easily cleaned by washing with water. Exposure to water does not affect the color or quality of the emulsion paint.
  • Emulsion paints can be painted on any surface such as metal, wooden furniture, course walls, glass and concrete.
  • Various application techniques can be used such as brushing, spraying, dipping, pouring, and rolling.
  • Emulsion varnish is available in various designs such as matt varnish, eggshell, semi-glossy and glossy.
  • The emulsion paint is less odorless and non-flammable therefore it is safe for our health /
  • Emulsion paint is great for ceilings and walls because it is thick and easy to apply. They are moisture resistant, so they can easily be used in steamy rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Emulsion paints use water as a medium that carries the color pigment to the surface to be painted. By the time the paint dries, the water will completely evaporate. These paints have very little risk to humans and animals around because the only thing that evaporates and gets into the air is hydrogen and oxygen.
  • Emulsion paints don't dry, crack, or fade in sunlight. Emulsion paints are less likely to attract powdery mildew to grow on them.
  • Emulsion paints stick well to almost any surface. It can also be used without pre-treatment.

Emulsion Paint also has some disadvantages:

  • Emulsion paints have a slow drying speed in high humidity.
  • It can be more expensive than the oil paint.

Emulsion paints are known to have more elasticity than oil varnishes. Hence, emulsion paints win with the public's efforts to avoid the use of paints that have harmful solvents and hazardous chemicals in their application and cleanup.

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