How can I solve dice on SPOJ

Post Mon Jan 24, 2011 12:13 pm

I can link to the source code, but I don't think that's so relevant yet. First, from my point of view, you should clarify whether you can find a few people, then you could create a github / small project page or whatever, and collect ideas.

Our ideas that we had so far:

Rubik's Cube
4 wins
5 in a row
own thinking game

Code for the main window:

In the main window you should select the game you want to solve. Since we had 4 games in the plan, there are currently just 4 buttons:

The window for Sudoku:
The SWI-Prolog interpreter is called here. It is currently necessary to have the SWI-Prolog interpreter "swipl" in the PATH, because it is simply called via os.system ().

The Sudoku solver itself, in prologue:

The project is not yet completely finished and still has some blemishes (e.g. the file names are always given as a string, very ugly, I know ...).

Of course, it would later be up to everyone to decide whether or not to use a designer and which language to use to solve the puzzle. Then there are packages / installers that simply install everything you need. Or you could look at each game as a separate module and install it via plugins or something like that. Should only be fixed for the GUI Python 3 and pyQt 4.

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