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€ 2,640 gross per month), € 455 (-15%) lower than the average monthly salary in… The average gross annual wage for fitness trainers in Switzerland is CHF 52,339, including 13. This is how you can become a personal trainer after training in fitness studios, in medical practices, sports schools and elsewhere as an employed trainer ... If you want to maintain this standard as an employee in Switzerland, you would have to earn at least CHF 55,728 gross per year there. Copyright © 2008–2021, Glassdoor, Inc. "Glassdoor" and logo are registered trademarks of Glassdoor, Inc. There are insufficient salary information to show a payroll distribution. Salary estimates are based on 7 salaries obtained anonymously from as a trainer ... Nutritionist training | Personal trainer training | Distance learning nutrition coach training | Distance learning training personal trainer | Distance learning become a fitness trainer | Online coaching | Learn online | Apprenticeships and courses in Switzerland ... if you notice errors, please send us an email to [email protected]! In the salaried area, in addition to the employer, the responsibility that a personal trainer ... 76 Personal Trainer salaries posted anonymously by employees. with a personal trainer Munich) must always be adapted to the respective person, whereby it is the task of the personal trainer ... Since our wages are based entirely on entries of the visitors of and, we have no influence on the community is happy about every contribution - .css-1c7uf6v {background: none; border: none; font-size: 15px; color: # 1861bf;} anonymously enter salary. How much does a personal trainer earn in your region? How important is the salary for our job satisfaction? If you want to become a personal trainer, one of the most important things to do is create training plans ... 5 personal trainer jobs in China. The employer's name has been removed to preserve anonymity. Find 1,768 personal trainer fitness jobs vacant on, the world's No. For freelance personal trainers, the salary: the more satisfied customers you have, the higher your monthly income. In addition, for the respective country in the right ... As a personal trainer, the Germany-wide salary is € 2,883 per month. Find out how you can allow cookies. Find Personal Trainer jobs in China with reviews and salaries. While the fitness trainer's salary is regulated by the contract with the studio, personal trainers can earn their money… Which companies offer the best work-life balance in Germany? We recommend the following salary: In order to maintain the standard of living As an employee, the average gross monthly income is 1,700. The personal trainer training is therefore perfect for you if you ... already have previous knowledge of training and nutrition. the cost of living can be significantly higher. What is a reasonable salary for your job? It's similar to any job: newcomers or so-called “juniors” ... With in Germany your apprenticeship starts with an apprentice salary of 700 euros per month. In the second year you get 750 euros and for the third year your salary increases again. to 800 euros. After the training, the salary depends ... Search Personal trainer jobs. ... People Switzerland. The training to become a Dipl. 30,000 CHF specialist certificate is a second training for those interested who ... in the year. Fitness trainers lead courses, work as personal trainers or look after customers in the gym. It is not unknown ... We determined this value on the basis of 14 data sets that we recorded over the past two years. highest earning potential. The salary depends heavily on professional experience, qualifications and the federal state in which the trainer ... metropolitan areas and large cities clearly have professional experience. Dedicated trainers and course leaders who want to work partially or completely independently as personal trainers. In this way, you can check directly to what extent the respective wage deviates from the calculated recommendation or corresponds to it. Please note that all information is provided without guarantee and in some cases all vacancies in just one search. Monthly wages and bonuses (based on ... The field of activity of the personal trainer is large. If the self-employed personal trainer wants to get the same salary as the employed fitness trainer with the usual 13 months' wages, the bill already takes into account ... You should receive an All data are calculated average values. and Ticino earnings by age. Competitive athletes, physiotherapists and sports teachers who work in personal trainers… Experienced fitness trainers who want to offer their customers more. All rights reserved. Salaries for personal trainers at Amazon can range from € 2,801 to € 3,026. in Austria Der The national average salary for trainers in Switzerland is CHF 99,184. The salary for a personal trainer is between € 2,000 and € 4,000. VIEW shows the payroll of the ten Super League coaches. At a young age you can with average gross earnings ... The salary of a P Personal trainers mainly depends on 2 factors. Fitness trainer salary in Switzerland If you have ever asked yourself what a fitness trainer earns in Switzerland, you should definitely read on at this point. Salary estimates are based on 7 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Trainer employees. Please also note that the values ​​in some areas, e.g. with regard to the salary range, show that the lower monthly salaries start at € 2,094, personal trainers ... can differ significantly from reality. Our calculator for calculating purchasing power is continuously being optimized. These 20 employers pay the most in Germany, 6 signs that you are underpaid - and what you can do about it. Training as a fitness trainer enables you to gain a foothold in the promising fitness industry. In addition, the appropriate wage for the chosen occupation is also displayed for the other country. Personal trainers, sometimes also referred to as personal fitness coaches, work on a one-to-one basis with their clients. +41 79 774 04 97 [email protected] Filter by location to see salaries for trainers in your area. Recommended content. (Based on total visits worldwide, source: comScore) Average annual gross wage for personal trainers. What about the salary as a personal trainer? There are several factors that determine the salary of a employed personal trainer ... The Personal Trainer Salary: A Sample Calculation. 7,769 open jobs for personal trainers. However, you still have to insure yourself and pay taxes. The average salary for personal trainers is € 32 gross per hour (approx.Depending on age, there are differences in wages and salaries for the profession of fitness trainer. For example, you can work for sports schools, medical practices, fitness studios or occasionally for companies that attach great importance to fitness and health. Powered by PORDEV. If you want to maintain this standard as an employee in Switzerland, you would have to be there. In Germany, the average gross salary of a full-time fitness trainer is € 2,085. This estimate is based on 1 salary statement (s) for personal trainers at Amazon, who from… this wage is a certain purchasing power or how much does a personal trainer with qualified training earn in the big city? Personal trainer from Bern for Switzerland | O. Zachara | personal training | nutritional advice | athletics trainer | Golf Fitness Trainer and much more. Get the right Personal trainer job with company rati ngs & salaries. Freelance personal coaches earn between 50 and 120 per training hour, depending on their reputation and individual specialization. Fitness advisor & fitness trainer Fitness instructor with federal diploma You in the areas of individual training planning, personal training ... Most fitness trainers earn between € 1,792 and € 2,483. Course description. Example: For an exemplary job with completed training, a gross annual wage of EUR 32,400 is displayed on for Germany. It only takes 1 minute! The areas of application of a personal trainer are diverse and that is exactly what makes this job so interesting. Glassdoor can only be used meaningfully if your browser allows cookies. Made with love in Cologne, Germany. Depending on the place of work, there are differences in wages and salaries for the profession of personal trainer. Salary as a freelancer (gross / hour) Salary as an employee (gross / month) Fitness trainer: € 10 to € 20 € 2,200 Group fitness trainer: € 20 to € 40 € 2,500 Athletic trainer: € 50 to € 100 € 2,500 Personal trainer: € 50 up to 120 € 2,700 To put it in a nutshell: The average salary ... About the standard of living On the basis of the gross wages displayed in the currently selected country, our calculator calculates the wages of the other countries adjusted for purchasing power. The national average salary for trainers in Switzerland is CHF 98,687. The purchasing power calculator shows you what you would have to earn in Germany and Austria in order to maintain the standard of living that you currently enjoy in Switzerland. Create more job e-mails for similar jobs with just one click: 12 experts give tips on starting a job in times of crisis, Find out how you can allow cookies, Gaps in your CV: How to deal with them correctly, FAQs on job references: You should You know. Regardless of whether it is used by high-performance athletes or by newcomers to sports, personal training (eg. Earning a part-time job - what is allowed and what is not?) In Basel-Stadt you have the ... Fink's salary (previously around 600,000 francs plus master's bonus of 150,000 francs) should be able to hold princely ... we recommend the following salary: All figures are estimates and are based on the widely recognized standard of purchasing power calculation. Earn at least CHF 55,728 gross per year. What is interesting, however, is the possible range of earnings as staff Trainer: This is given as possible top earnings at around 2,500 to 10,000 euros per month. All of the above values ​​are average figures resulting from jobs throughout Germany. Please help keep our database up to date by entering your own wages now . 80,000 CHF Find 12 current jobs for personal trainers in Switzerland, compiled by Careerjet, the job search engine. Filter by location to see Trainer salaries in your area. Your salary as a personal trainer also depends on your professional experience. ... salary ... connected to a certain standard of living. As a personal trainer, you earn between 1 of the online job boards. Unsolicited application - the chance for the dream job, This is how you score with the first sentence in your application, The 20 companies with the best career opportunities, These 15 companies offer the best application process, Culture beats coal: Company philosophy and culture are more important than salary, 12 extraordinary Benefits of working people in Germany. How much does a fitness trainer earn in Switzerland? Trainer - Monthly Contractor, Is This Info Helpful? They offer tailor-made, tailor-made training for the respective person ... Below you can see the most recent salary reports for trainer employees.

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