Are you in a bad relationship

20 warning signs of a bad relationship you should know about

Want to know some warning signs of a bad relationship? Okay then!

But first let's see what a bad relationship is all about ...

Some relationships do not stand the test of time and become so bitter and toxic over time that one of the partners has to leave this bad relationship in order not to go mad.

If you have a heated argument with your partner every few months, that doesn't mean you are in a bad relationship. Because arguing is normal and healthy. How do you say so beautifully: "You only argue with the people you love!" But a bad relationship is much worse than just having a few arguments.

If your partner stops showing interest in you or becomes indifferent to your presence, it could mean that you are having a bad relationship.

Sometimes one partner always wants to be in charge, or worse, he becomes violent. Such a relationship can also be called a bad relationship.

We all want to feel loved and safe in our relationships, but if we are no longer safe in the company of the loved one, it could also mean that the relationship has turned into a toxic one or that it was wrong from the start .

We all make mistakes and bond with our partner at some point. And what began as a blooming romance sometimes quickly turns into a nightmare.

A partner who loves being in control could make your life hell. Because of this, when you have an opinion that you should share with your partner, you are constantly nervous because you can no longer be sure how he will react to it. And that's why this type of relationship is very bad and you have to find your way to freedom as soon as possible.

Because a partnership in which both partners do not have the same rights, the same freedom and the same respect is certainly not a good relationship.

Learn more about the warning signs of a bad relationship in the following lines:

1. Your partner is too dominant.

Both partners should have freedom of speech, expression of emotions, and respect for each other's views and actions. There is nothing wrong with expressing a conflicting opinion, but the other partner should also respect that opinion.

You should allow your partner to do what he wants. Because this mutual freedom is necessary so that a relationship can work in the long term. If one partner controls the other's actions, opinions, thoughts, friends, social life, and your expenses, then you are definitely in an unhealthy relationship and need to get out of it as soon as possible.

But sometimes we realize things too late about the attitude of our partner and then it is difficult for us to end the relationship for various reasons. The situation gets bad when your partner wants to control your whole life. Anyway, you can't let a man control you.

As soon as you notice that the relationship is going in this direction, you should speak to your partner and reveal your inner thoughts and feelings to him.

2. You feel uncomfortable around your partner.

You may have been attracted to your partner's strange behavior, but now you feel very uncomfortable around them. This is a normal psychology of the mind, and when the infatuation in the relationship fades you will find that you are no longer attracted to its strange behavior.

So, if you feel uncomfortable, unhappy, or uncomfortable around him, then it's time to break up with him.

One of the greatest things about a good relationship is that both partners are completely comfortable in the presence of the other. You don't have to pretend to be someone you are not. If you often feel that you are secretly happy when your partner is not around, then it is high time to end the bad relationship.

3. Your partner humiliates you in public.

Humiliation can be the worst thing to experience, especially when the humiliation comes from your partner.

Humiliation and insults from anyone in this world should by no means be tolerated and if your partner does this to you, it makes you feel pretty bad.

A love affair is about protecting the other partner's self-esteem, values, and privacy in public. He shouldn't laugh at, yell at, hit, or abuse you, especially in public. And if that's the case in your relationship, then you should leave him immediately.

4. Your partner is greedy.

If your partner wants you all to himself, this could be a warning sign of a bad relationship. While over-obsession is cute at the beginning of the relationship, it becomes very irritating later on, and you will find that your partner often gets mad at you when you go out alone or with other friends.

Each partner should have a certain amount of freedom in a relationship. And if this freedom is not available in a relationship, love can quickly go out.

5. You argue all the time.

If you and your partner are always fighting, then you need to know that this is not healthy for your relationship. Disagreements are normal, but if you're making an elephant out of every tiny mosquito, it may be time to reconsider your relationship status. Because it may well be possible that you are not meant for one another at all.

6. Your partner is always asking you for money.

It is completely normal to spend money on your partner every now and then, especially when you are making more money. But you're not responsible for his expenses, and if you feel like he just wants your money, then he might just be with you because of that. This fact should warn you of a bad and meaningless relationship.

7. Your partner constantly refuses to talk about important future decisions.

There are a thousand things to talk about in a relationship. It's not just about what to eat, drink and which movie to watch. You should also discuss the topic of the future, wanting to have children or buying a house. But if you have the feeling that your partner changes the subject as soon as you bring up such important points, then that is a clear indication that he has no intention of staying with you for long.

8. You're almost always last on his priority list.

Instead of you being their priority, you often feel that your partner is only spending their time with their friends and hobbies. This behavior should warn you of a bad relationship, and there is actually no point in staying in such a toxic relationship any longer. Maybe he has no real interest in you and is with you just because he wants to use you for other things.

9. Your partner does not share the household expenses.

Even though your partner makes good money, they don't give up their share of household expenses. He always has excuses for spending the money elsewhere. This type of relationship is pretty unhealthy as you are the one who has to bear the financial burden all by yourself. Because of this, such a relationship is unnecessary and you should find a better partner who will share the household expenses with you.

10. Your partner lies to you very often.

Trust is the most important factor in any relationship, and if you feel like your partner is lying to you a lot then this should be a big warning to you. If your partner tells you he's busy at the office while a friend tells you they saw him at a party, it clearly shows that he doesn't really care about you.

11. You haven't had sex in a long time

An active love life is one of the most common reasons most couples are happy in a relationship. If you haven't had sex with your partner for more than a month for no specific reason, then chances are that he doesn't want you anymore.

12. Too much drama damages the relationship

If your partner turns any problem into drama, then the relationship can't last long. Every time you go out, you just think about what kind of problem you're going to be arguing about today. It's okay to tolerate such behavior sometimes, but if he has a tendency to yell, cry, or freak out about every little thing, then you need to get out of that relationship.

13. You often think about life without him.

If you dream of a life without your partner, then maybe it is time to get on with your life without them. Having thoughts like this is a clear warning that you are no longer enjoying his company and that you are longing for something new.

14. Your partner criticizes you very often.

If you love to make yourself pretty or prepare him a nice dinner and he just criticizes you, it usually means that you are not meant to be together. Your partner may criticize you for their false ego. Whatever the reason, this relationship is not healthy and you definitely deserve better.

15. Your partner is manipulating you.

Lately, you often feel like your partner is manipulating your words and any situation to get their way. This type of behavior will only make you depressed and you will feel guilty for your actions. You need to understand that this relationship is toxic to both your mind and your health.

16. You are not asking for emotional support from him.

While you are sad or stressed, your partner should be the first person who can comfort, calm down, and make your angry mind happy again. But if you feel like you can't talk to him about your emotional problems, then he may not be the right life partner for you.

When you have a firm belief that he can't understand your situation or won't help you get better, it is time to find a new partner.

17. Your partner is not happy about your success.

If your success doesn't mean anything to your partner and he doesn't care about your successes or failures, then maybe he shouldn't be your partner either. A good relationship is about accepting and sharing the happiness, joys, and sorrows of the other.

18. During your partner is traveling, he won't call you for days.

Usually couples talk to each other every day. But if you feel like your partner isn't bothering to call you while they're out, it clearly means your relationship is about to fail.

19. Your partner is out and about for hours without giving you an explanation.

Often times, your partner disappears over a long period of time and doesn't even bother to explain to you where they are. Maybe he's seeing another woman? Anyway, you deserve an explanation for this behavior. But if he refuses to talk about it, then that is a clear sign that something is wrong with your relationship.

20. You feel lonely with your partner.

You feel like there is nothing to talk to him about. In the presence of his friends you feel lonely and you find it exhausting to be around him. If so, then you are definitely not meant to be together and it is time to end the relationship. Because you should never feel lonely while you are with your partner.

After realizing that you are in a bad relationship, don't feel compelled to stay in the relationship for any reason. If you are financially dependent on your partner, then look for ways to change that.

Even if you stay with him because of the children you have together, that is no reason to endanger your happiness. Because in time the children will understand your situation. Free yourself and move on because a happy life and a better relationship could be just around the corner ...