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January 20th, 2003 (GE 1/03, page 8) Her 60th birthday and at the same time her 20th anniversary with the company was celebrated in December by Christa Fluhr, the mother of the Berlin charities.
The i.a. The special representative of the BBU board member, Ludwig Burkhardt, who is responsible for public relations, marketing and internal communication, is actually the last resort for Berlin's non-profit organizations when things go haywire and disputes come down to the knife. Over the years, Christa Fluhr has acquired the authority that is needed to put an end to such disputes. This led to the fact that a real works council chairman at the BBU was dismissed without notice. Not by the chairman, but by his special deputy. She saw an urgent need for action, but her boss Burkhardt was on the train to Leipzig. Without much discussion, he put the decision in the hands of his employee via cell phone. The chairman of the works council had to go. And the relationship between the newcomer to Berlin Burkhardt (he came from the pretty town of Goslar to the Spree) and Christa Fluhr was anything but untroubled at first. It is known from Christa Fluhr: She divides people into two groups - those she likes and those she doesn't like. The first half was invited to the celebration in December, the second half was not. Ludwig Burkhardt belonged to the second half at the beginning of his activity. In his eulogy for the birthday child, however, he took credit for the fact that he was one of the few who had made it from the second into the first half. "In the beginning I didn't like you at all," admitted the woman who had been promised over the green clover in all frankness. But she was impressed that Burkhardt gave her a lot of responsibility and trust. Today the Berlin non-profit organizations benefit from this the duo Fluhr / Burkhardt and their network into both major parties. Christa Fluhr was, as one or the other will know, a member of the Berlin House of Representatives for two parties: for the CDU and for the SPD. Initially for the CDU for four years long as a representative for the Märkisches Viertel area. In the subsequent election she was the undisputed first place on the Reinickendorfer district list, but had the bad luck that the CDU passed all constituency candidates directly with the result that it went empty-handed. And because the CDU at that time -Senator Edmund Wronski did not want to resign his mandate in favor of the top of the list, got Christa Fluhr her old constituency directly at the next election. But this time for the SPD, where it is politically at home to this day.