Where is Gucci made



In 1921 Guccio Gucci opened a boutique specializing in leather goods with an attached studio in his hometown of Florence. He had previously worked at the Savoy Hotel in London, where he learned about the tastes of the aristocratic and wealthy. With this knowledge he returned to Italy. Due to the Tuscan craftsmanship, Gucci's creations stood for perfection and innovation from the start.

Gucci's first products were all inspired by equestrianism; bridle clips and stirrups as well as the classic green-red-green woven stripe quickly became characteristic emblems of the company.

The resulting exclusive style embodied the taste of a discerning, international clientele that included not only Tuscan aristocratic families but also wealthy tourists. New products were as good as sold out shortly after their launch and quickly became icons of their following.

In the difficult 1940s, Gucci finally became synonymous with extraordinary creativity. In the absence of classic materials, Gucci used hemp, linen, jute and bamboo as alternatives, which led to the creation of the 'Bamboo Bag' - a bag that left an indelible mark on the company's history. Its shape was inspired by the shape of a saddle, the bamboo handle was shaped and colored by heating. The 'Bamboo Bag' became the favorite accessory of Queen Friederike of Greece, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Deborah Kerr and Michelangelo Antonioni. Thanks to its exceptional quality and craftsmanship, the 'Bamboo Bag' is still available today in a variety of designs and materials.

Even back then, Gucci products were distinguished by their refined elegance and unique design. This is how the 'Jackie O' Bag - which bears the name of its greatest admirer, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis - and the 'Hobo Bag', which, thanks to its defined unisex style, was worn by stars such as Liz Taylor, Samuel Beckett and Peter Sellers. Another highlight was the presentation of the classic moccasin with horsebit details, which was added to the Costume Institute collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 1962.

In the years that followed, Gucci reinterpreted legendary motifs such as bridle bars and stirrups, the green, red and green webbing, the intertwined, double 'G' and the coat of arms. The world of equestrian sport remained a central theme - but sports such as tennis and golf also gained importance and thus enriched Gucci's world of ideas, which also comes from 'Flora', a silk print with insects and flowering plants, designed by Vittorio in 1966 in honor of Grace Kelly was designed. The 37 color print is made as a single design and is a special part of Gucci legacy to this day.

After the challenges of the 80s, the brand came to life in the 90s under the leadership of Domenico De Sole and Tom Ford.

A new style era dawned. Gucci's groundbreaking designs combined tradition and innovation, luxury and modernity. Members of royal families like Queen Rania of Jordan and stars like Madonna, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sting, Tom Cruise, Mick Jagger and Brad Pitt wore the fashion. Gucci became a brand with an unmistakable statement - which stood for quality and sophistication as well as sex and provocation. The horsebit moccasin became a stiletto, colorful silk-satin shirts were cut close to the body, velvet trousers were tight around the hips and cut low.

In 1999, thanks to the strategic alliance with Pinault-Printemps-Redoute (PPR), Gucci developed into the Gucci Group and established itself as one of the leading luxury groups. Over the next few years, the acquisition of brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Boucheron, Sergio Rossi, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Balenciaga strengthened the Gucci Group's luxury portfolio.

In 2005 Frida Giannini became Creative Director of Women’s Ready-to-Wear, in 2006 she also took over the men's collection and thus became the sole Gucci Creative Director. Gucci returned to its roots under Frida Giannini's creative direction. Frida Giannini's collections have always lived from the interplay of the past and the present and have created a new awareness of fashion.

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