Which locations employ 14-year-olds

Are you 14 years old and looking for a part-time job? You can easily earn extra pocket money. Find out here how you can work best at the age of 14.

What jobs are there for 14 year olds?

At the statutory level, you cannot do a part-time job in Germany at the age of 14. Nevertheless, there are jobs for 14 year olds, such as walking the neighbor's dog, mowing the lawn or doing light gardening. You can do the tasks for the people in your immediate environment and help them. Delivering newspapers, brochures, in your immediate vicinity, you can already earn at the age of 14 and earn 50-100 euros per month. Tasks like cleaning, washing cars or animal manners are typical jobs for 14 year olds: So you see it is possible to earn money at 14 years old.

Preparing for the right job for 14 year olds

At the age of 14 you won't get a part-time job at the legal level, but your creativity is required here. It is possible to make money at the age of 14 with the right preparation. You learn a lot of things from your parents at home, such as cleaning or gardening. These skills are very valuable for your student job and can help you improve your pocket money. You don't necessarily need exceptional skills, you can achieve a lot with small things. This will help you to make your first real employer happy and to gain your first work experience. So sitting still does not help. Ask your immediate surroundings and take your chance: all doors are open to you!

What do I have to consider if I want to work as a 14 year old?

The important thing to note is that you shouldn't overwork yourself. It is particularly important to take care of your health when you are young. You should urgently avoid a student job where you have to lift heavy objects or work on heavy machinery. This is bad for your back / neck and you will regret it later. You should also avoid student jobs that involve alcohol, as this is also illegal. For this reason, catering jobs should be treated with caution. At the farm around the corner you can work to feed small animals or pick fruit / vegetables, but watch out for pesticides that are harmful to your health.

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