How can nuclear weapons be seized from Pakistan?

US is apparently preparing to seize Pakistani nuclear weapons


US Commander in Chief Frank for talks in Pakistan

Washington / Islamabad - According to media reports, a US special unit is preparing to eliminate the Pakistani nuclear arsenal in the event of a coup against military ruler Pervez Musharraf. The magazine "New Yorker" reported on Monday, citing US government officials, that the unit was training the operation in the United States together with the Israeli special force "Unit 262". The US specialists operated under the command of the Department of Defense with the support of the CIA. Their job is to track down nuclear warheads and, if necessary, to make them harmless. The magazine reported, citing US sources, that Pakistan had at least 24 nuclear warheads that could be carried by medium-range missiles or F-16 fighter jets. However, US intelligence agencies are not sure about the exact locations of the atomic bombs. They fear that Taliban-friendly forces in the Pakistani intelligence service ISI could take control of the bombs. The Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces in Afghanistan, General Tommy Franks, has arrived in Pakistan on a visit that lasted several hours. Franks wants to speak to President Pervez Musharraf about the military situation in Afghanistan, said representatives of the US Army said on Monday. (APA)

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