Have you ever performed the Heimlich maneuver

Help my child choked!

Herringbone in the throat

An overlooked one bone, that gets stuck in your mouth or throat, is the horror of many children (and parents).

This emergency is uncomfortable, but not dangerous. One can try to give the child a piece soft potato or some white bread (without bark) to give. This creates the bone in your stomach.

Has the Bone anchored deeper in the throat, should definitely be one ENT doctor (Practice or hospital), where the fishbone can be pulled out of the anterior part of the esophagus with special instruments.

Bones swallowed, when to go to the doctor?

A Fixed bone must be always removed, even if the initial symptoms should subside after a short time.

The foreign body could be a Infection or even an abscess cause. They are completely dissolved in the strong acidity of the stomach. That's why sometimes a Suck lemon, then the bone becomes soft.

Has a Bones successfully solved, often remains a Foreign body sensation consist.

Tip: fish fingers solve the problem

If you like, give to your children fish sticks, then the problem has usually already been dealt with from the start. By the way, fish fingers are actually boneless.