What guarantees success in life

How you are guaranteed to have success in life

av The Inner Journey - The journey to yourself | Publicerades 6/26/2019

# 37 What does success mean to you? Who is successful in your eyes? Too often we seek "some type" of success that we have inherited from our parents, society, and friends. The only problem ... even when we achieve the things that striving for "outward" success promises us, it may be that we feel empty and unfulfilled inside. Do you know that? In today's episode you will learn: 💫 Define success according to your own rules 💫 the concept

The podcast for creators, creatives and people who go their own way and want to build a business around their passion. "The Inner Journey" is the journey to yourself - your inner truth, your intuition, your inner greatness and the "development" of your unique personality. Your key to a free, happy and self-determined life. You will come into contact with the higher knowledge in you, which allows you to walk your heart path despite fears and the opinion of others. On this journey you will recognize yourself and your uniqueness, let go of emotional baggage and create a life in harmony with your highest values. Welcome to what is probably the most important journey of your life, the journey to yourself! 💖 In addition to the podcast, you can find transformation exercises free of charge in the Members Area for podcast listeners: http://amirrahimzadeh.com/ 💫 On your Inner Journey.

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