What is your strength 2


5.0 out of 5 starsThe strength inside

Reviewed in Germany on July 10, 2018

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The blurb:

Who knows the future can change it!

Lexia has visions. As a child she feared the dreams of wolf people, the danger from the forest. But as she gets older, she learns to interpret dreams and to recognize her calling in them. She runs away and mixes with the Scinto contenders, the Ranjanas fighters. With the help of Elian, whom she thinks she knows from her visions, she can assert herself in training and soon develops feelings for him. But then the visions become real and she suddenly faces the wolf people ...

Can a girl ignore all classes and values? What role does Elian play? And will he reciprocate her deep feelings?

What is it about:

Ever since she was a child, Lexia has been told the stories of the wolf people who wreak havoc in the depths of the forest, steal harvests and even kidnap and eat children. SO she can't help but be afraid as she begins to dream again and again about the wolf people. But Lexia's dreams are different, they show her a possible future. Not only in relation to the eerie forest dwellers, but also what is happening around them, she learns to interpret and use them to her advantage. When she visits the school of the Criada, the dreams come over them even in the light of day and so one day she decides to follow her dream vision and unceremoniously mingles with the - exclusively male - Scinto students. There she meets Elian, the young man from her dreams. A turbulent adventure begins that not only holds a number of surprises in store for Lexia.

My opinion to the book:

As part of the Summertime Reading Challenge, Ranjana was my first book and therefore also the first book I read by Sophie Fawn. And it was worth every page! Right from the start I was fascinated by the story and with Lexia there is also a great protagonist who grows with her tasks. She was incredibly sympathetic to her way of thinking and her way of thinking and it was great fun to accompany her on this journey. In the course of the adventure, she also learns to look behind the facade and form her own opinion. The icing on the cake is a delicate romance that isn't too intrusive (and isn't the focus either, I think).

I think the characters next to Lexia are also well done, especially due to the many different strengths that are built on again and again. Unfortunately, I can't reveal my favorites here, that would only spoil unnecessarily and I would like to avoid that. * wink *

The writing style was great and could pick me up straight away. After about 50-60 pages a point was reached where I didn't want to stop reading. The story, the setting in and around the forest and the plot completely won me over. Head cinema is guaranteed here!


I like books that are set in the woods. I don't know if I might have mentioned this in a review here on the new blog, but I like books that are set in the woods. * g * So I couldn't help but approach Ranjana. Ranjana is more than just fantasy. It's about love, friendship and trusting in your inner strength. Always. Regardless of whether it seems small and unimportant or large and important to you. I found this message very special and it is woven into a wonderful story that I can only recommend to everyone! For me, it will definitely not be the author's last book. I give it 5/5 stars for it! Absolutely deserved!