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Kitchen Test 2021 • The 7 best kitchens in comparison

What is a kitchen from the test and comparison?

Historical seen a kitchen is a separate one Cooking area. There have always been stoves here, Fire pits and other things that are used to prepare meals needed were. Most people probably know what a kitchen is nowadays. Here is cooked, washed up, eaten and stored. But what for that price comparison What matters is how buyers and sellers define the kitchen. One has for his budget maybe just the pure kitchen unit in mind. The next one would like to have all electrical appliances included and other Families set the budget with their budget renovation of the whole room.

Also the use of the Kitchenette in the test and comparison is from household to household differently.

Here it comes thereon whether it is structurally an open kitchen from the test with integration in the living room or around one closed Space acts. If there is no more in the house possibility for the storage of food and cleaning products, the kitchen unit usually also includes the pantry and storage space for such things.

Also as dining room can act as a kitchen.

How does a kitchen from the test and comparison?

The Kitchens from the test work through the devices that are in it home and the storage space and space created by furniture. So can the kitchen has very different tasks in the house take, in which they are for the respective Area of ​​responsibility is equipped. The team of experts is after test All the more convincing, the individual functions of the kitchen spaces arise by their equipment:

  • Dining table: lounge and dining room
  • Stove and oven: space for preparation and cooking
  • Wall cabinets, base cabinets, pharmacy cabinets, shelves: storage space and storage
  • Sink, dishwasher: cleaning the dishes

Areas of application of the kitchens from the test and comparison

The kitchen is a room for almost everyone Areas of life in the home. Here is cooking baked, here people eat, hang out and maybe sometimes tinkered at the table. These all-round requirements got to also match the furnishings. The kitchenette that is the Expert testing-Team dedicated here plays a big role in this. Should the Kitchenette Not only used as a place for washing up and cooking, but also size Contain parts of the food, then this must be well thought out.

Also on the Kitchenette chopped, stirred and shaped. Workplace is here a keyword that you should not underestimate when planning.

In addition, in the most Still keep kitchen appliances on the Countertop stand. That takes up space and Storage space. Who has the opportunity to test the kitchen completely planning anew, he can definitely see whether it will have more cupboards or more Footprint is planned.

This is how kitchens are tested for testing and comparison

Kitchens become tested in a variety of ways. Just like in everyday life, they have to individual Components can withstand a lot in the test and comparison. At the beginning of everyone test is usually the structure in which the smells are already in the Rating with which a kitchen evaporates or just neither. In the test, questions are asked that revolve around the structure: “Is the structure generally easy or rather complicated?”, “Are the instructions plausible or even written in bad German? ”,“ Is that needed Tool included or must be extra for the Kitchen superstructures are purchased? ”. In each of Categories and of course there are still different levels of criteria. Because even if a Cordless drill is needed in the test, it makes another difference whether it needs a standard attachment or bits needed that may not be any German Conform to the norm.

Is the construction Once done in the test, general things can still be included in the criteria from the test flow in. This is about how complicated the planning was, how extensive the various options are available to the individual Available stand and how long the waiting time was. Because all of that can decide whether the purchase the kitchen was out of the test to the satisfaction of the customers or just Not.

Is the kitchen then where it is supposed to go is really tested and tried. Long-term tests are particularly worthwhile to put the longevity of the kitchen to the test. Some Furniture dealer have for the simulation of opening and Shut down the drawers and doors already machinery designed to test your products for long-term use. Others rely on the major test portals and organizations. In the best case, it works door just as good and quiet as after the 1000th Times open like the first time. Go with Long-term test something breaks or is there Wear and tear, there are deductions in the test grades.

Even the abrasion will tested. Work surfaces and handles need to be in the kitchen endure a lot. Unlike in the living room, for example, here is on the furniture cut, wiped and washed. Not infrequent Handles Used with wet hands and not immediately dried off. This can affect the appearance as well as the function of the handles and sliding mechanisms.

The Countertop is also used for cracks and cuts examined, because if these arise during normal use in the test, they will fast to the stove for bacteria and nobody wants them in the kitchen. In a kitchen that is Cleaning normal everyday life and is also calculated that way. A kitchen has to withstand it once to be wiped off with a damp cloth during the day. Only then can adequate hygiene be ensured. Again, color and structure withstand and are not allowed to Traces of stress demonstrate.

Possible criteria in the test

The material in the test or comparison

Separate Materials are of course a matter of taste. However, it's not just one question the optics, which materials are used.

With the longevity of the Countertop In the test, care should be taken to ensure that it is scratch-resistant and moisture-resistant.

The quality in the test

The quality is not determined by the materials alone, but also by how they are used installed are. In a kitchen in particular, it is not insignificant how good the individual parts are together are connected and how seals are processed on the sink. Otherwise these will quickly become Predetermined breaking point and the worktop floats on or something similar.

The customizability

Here is the question asked: How flexible is the kitchen for planning? The more options you have with the planning the better it can be adapted to your own needs and requirements and all the more the available space can be used better. That will be a big part of that too Efficient that the kitchen will later support.

price-performance ratio

With kitchens, of course Not only material and construction paid for, but also the Brand name and the design. This means that the price-performance winner in the test does not necessarily have the kitchen must be from a well-known manufacturer, but can also be a no-name product. Is the processing good and the price is right, this is enough for most households quite off.

The availability in comparison

Know that Central European only for cars and larger purchases. But also Craftsman now have long waiting lists. The Swedish kitchen bought Furniture giants you can take away immediately. In the kitchen studio there is partially Waiting times after the purchase or the Order of several weeks.

The life cycle assessment in the test

Just here A lot has happened in recent years. The kitchens steam no more endless pollutants from after building up and they also become more and more sustainable produced. However, not all manufacturers have discovered this trend for themselves. If you are looking for a kitchen with a good ecological balance, you can use the environmental seals in the test and comparison orientate.

The structure in comparison and test

In different Scenarios in the test and comparison it has been shown that the structure decisive for the war can be for whether the kitchen pleases in the end and keeps what it promises. Depending on kitchen and type of delivery, customers may have to lend a hand to get their finished built kitchen come.

That can be an advantage, but it doesn't have to be. A comparison and a check of the costs and benefits of a professional Construction should also be at minorBudget can be carried out. For the kitchen setup there is often separate Test series that deal exclusively with services. This comparison often includes the services of large furniture stores and those reading can also be worthwhile before buying a kitchen.

What else do I have to look out for when buying a kitchen from the test?

Door stops in the test

Most Doors can both to the right and to the left open become. Incidentally, this also applies to the door of Refrigerator. Often, however, has to be with planning indicate in which direction the doors are to open should. Here it is recommended that they always stay in direction Open in the middle of the room or in the direction of the worktop.

Otherwise you have to move around the door while working to get to the example would like to season something on the stove.

Use of the sockets in the test

The location of the Sockets is in most rental apartments and in most of them too Houses fix it before you start planning your tenant or owner kitchen begins. That is not insignificant. Because the place for coffee machine and toaster doesn't just need the right one Floor space, but also a power connection.

Water and sewage connections in the test

These too areif you are not building from scratch and do everything yourself according to the individual Needs plans, already determined. That limits the situation for the sink, dishwasher and also for refrigerators with ice cube machines absolutely a. Because the hoses do not let over endless Lay the route back and forth through the kitchen.

Presentation of the leading 7 models from the test

  • IKEA kitchens
  • Nobilia kitchens
  • Nolte kitchens
  • Schüller kitchen
  • Eggersmann kitchens
  • Respekta kitchens
Ikea is a multinational furniture company. For a long time, care was taken to design and sell cheaply and practically here. Meanwhile, the focus is very much on sustainability. Anyone who thinks that the Swedish furniture giant only has cheap kitchens is far from it. Because here, too, the devices and materials can be flexibly selected and installed. It may well be that an individually planned kitchen from IKEA differs little in price and quality from those of the more expensive manufacturers. Ikea kitchens can be planned both online and in the individual Ikea branches with the help of employees. Ikea kitchens are particularly praised for the kitchen planner of the furniture store. Because this allows very individual and tailor-made planning.
Nobilia is Europe's largest kitchen manufacturer and has been on the market for over 70 years. The kitchens come directly from Verl, East Westphalia. 727,000 kitchens are built there every year, 50% of which are delivered abroad. Anyone who opts for a Nobilia kitchen wants to buy proven quality. In the meantime they are no longer only available in the kitchen studio, but also in furniture stores and online suppliers. If you buy a prefabricated kitchen unit from Nobilia without many special requests and special dimensions, you can definitely get high-quality bargains here.
A Nolte kitchen suggests that the host not only attaches importance to quality, but also to design. Nolte kitchens can easily cost five-digit amounts and, depending on the size and model, can also be planned down to the last detail. Nolte itself cooperates with many manufacturers of electrical appliances and kitchen appliances from Siemens, AEG, Constructa and other manufacturers can be purchased directly for the kitchen. Nolte itself is a family company based in Germersheim in the Palatinate. The company has grown into the Nolte Group through various takeovers and start-ups.
A Schüller kitchen is priced in the upper middle class. Schüller Möbelwerk KG is also based in Germany and advertises with Made in Germany. The company offers various kitchen systems (71.5 cm system, 78 cm system, 71.5 cm system without handles, 78 cm system without handles) in order to cater to the personal ergonomics of the user. The individual systems can then be combined as usual to form different kitchens in your own dimensions.
Eggersmann kitchens are individual design kitchens that have their price. Depending on their size and material, they can hardly be compared with an ordinary kitchen unit. In addition to kitchens for upscale private households, project kitchens are also manufactured and delivered here. The materials used in Eggersmann kitchens are often concrete, marble or similar materials that are very durable and costly to work with.
Here you get the typical kitchenette. Above all, Respekta offers inexpensive complete solutions. The kitchens can be found in shipping via Otto or in various hardware stores. Respekta itself differentiates between Respekta Premium and Respekta Ecomomy. This is usually a kitchenette with limited options, which everyone can use and which is affordable. Respekta kitchens are not infrequently the price-performance winners in the test or comparison.

There are now over 100 different brands and manufacturers of kitchen units on the German market. In addition, buyers have to deal with the brands of the individual devices. Many kitchen units that are offered by noname companies turn out to be a branded manufacturer's product in the end. The exact research is definitely worthwhile.

Internet vs. specialist retailers: where is the best place to buy my kitchen unit from the test?

Where yours Kitchenette Buy, of course, depends heavily on how affine you are self in planning and measuring your kitchen. The retail trade and thus a Kitchen center has the advantage, of course, that the planning is completely from professional is taken over. Of course, this can also be paid for well. Who the Trouble and familiarize himself a little with the kitchen planners of the individual providers, which can save money and also has the time to try out the individual options.

Not seldom do you ask after you have visited the Kitchen studios finds that one or the other Requirement to the kitchen from the test or comparison was not discussed at all. Then it becomes necessary once to go there. Online you just turn on the computer and read it saved Data again and plans easy from where you left off last time. So the individual options can be tried out to the last, without the patience of one Employee to strain.

To be delivered, got to a kitchenette mostly one way or the other. The packages are often too big for you Car and due to the amount of money, several trips are not financially worthwhile if you take them with the delivery from the manufacturer or seller compares. So it makes no difference here whether On-line or bought in local stores.

The disadvantages in the test

The seven most common disadvantage based on customer reviews Amazon are basically the same for all kitchens:

  • bad fit
  • little customizability
  • complicated structure
  • Quality of the handles
  • Kitchen planner too complicated
  • poorly accessible drawers
  • poor material quality

Often the Fit the kitchen unit was criticized in the test. Since you still have so good measured, but the cabinet does not fit in the corner where it is supposed to be. That may be because Employee Didn't work well when assembling the kitchenette, but it may as well liethat walls are not 100% straight and this is all about millimeter acts that are not a perfect fit. The kitchens cannot always be customized either.

The dimensions in households are Not always the same and who is still 30 centimeter Has space, wants to use it sensibly. If, however, only whole and half cabinets There is a gap that can be obstructed. This shouldn't happen, but it is often the case with very affordable models.

The quality of the Kitchenette often stands and falls with the handles and Drawers. Are these stiff or Not robust enough, this can also lead to bad reviews on Amazon. This can be due to the fact that paint rubs off quickly, the Handles can not be cleaned well or that the handles simply wear out and maybe borrow their threads. Is the kitchenette still so beautiful when it is longevity is not given, this will make the joy of the new acquisition strong reduce.

The kitchenette has to fit

This is not criteriathat is far fetched. The doors must be well in the angle Can be adjusted and the dimensions must also be correct during assembly. Nothing looks worse than those Kitchens that don't fit well into the room are or where the doors are askew in the Hinges hang. Both seem improvised quickly and cheap. Incidentally, this problem can be avoided if you hire a professional to set it up. They build meanwhile also kitchens ordered online and are possibly able to touch up if anything does not quite fit.

Trouble about materials can be avoided.

It helps here reallyto read through testimonials and once in depth To deal with the materials that are built into the kitchen unit. The have to namely also fit together. Anyone who takes a test or comparison read through, in which the desired kitchen was dealt with, who can Bad buy avoid. Amazon reviews also help immensely here. Because the experience of other In most cases you will sooner or later make buyers yourself.

The installation determines the service life

That sounds in first Perhaps not very plausible at the moment. But in the test and comparison it has clearly shown that also with the kitchens, those of Expertentesten.de closer watched were, significant differences especially after construction demonstrate. Because it is not insignificant for the life of the kitchen how the doors are attached, how well the drawers fit in their guides and, above all, how well they are Seals around the countertop and especially seal on the sink.

In a kitchenette it can happen that water expires, something goes wrong or a drink is spilled. Also no matter how careful you are with the kitchenette, these are not unrealistic scenarios. It is therefore important that these liquids never hit the countertop or the back of the kitchen float up. That means not only damage to the material, but also under certain circumstances also harmful mold. Both would for this ensure that parts of the Kitchenette exchanged from the test and comparison become have to.

Numbers, data, facts

The history

The pure Fireplace nothing counts as a kitchen. The first detectable supporting documents of spatially separated cooking areas have been excavated around 8000 BC. Chr. found been. Here, clay ovens, grinding stones and fireplaces were found in separate areas. Similar places in the house were found in ancient Anatolia. in the ancient Greece found its own kitchens only in really wealthy households.

In the Roman Empire the oven in your own household through central bakeries replaced. So it was only found in rural areas here isolated a kitchen in the household. In the European Middle Ages there was no kitchen area in the house, but meals were prepared in the open Fire to. At the same time, separate groups established themselves in Japan Spaces for food preparation. Developed in Europe since the 19th century either Kitchens (from the fireplace to the stove to the stove) as well as the dishes and utensils used techniques (Ceramic bowls, metal up to the Thermomix) steadily on.

The kitchens and their design differ from region to region. It is becoming apparent that the kitchen island will last for a long time time was only widespread in America, meanwhile also in Europe for trend becomes. For many years, only kitchenettes and a dining table in the kitchen were common in Germany. A freestanding Hearth was not provided. In many newly built Single family homes However, the residents are fulfilling their dream of an American kitchen also in this country.

Numbers, data, facts about the kitchen

A kitchen should have a lifespan of 10 to 25 years as well survive. The built-in devices usually don't last that long or are somewhat technically outdated. Label like the Golden M, the DGM emission label, the Blueness Engel, PEFC, FSC, LGA tested for harmful substances, ÖkoControl and that Label of the Eco-Institut should the sustainability of the individual kitchens.

Kitchen units and kitchen equipment can cost from less than 1,000 euros to several 10,000 euros. A average The kitchen is around 16 square meters. The sales the industry “manufacture of kitchen furniture” in Germany has been increasing since 2011 steadily and has cracked 6 billion euros for the first time this year. Also di Forecasts continue to show increasing sales figures in this area.

Assemble the kitchen unit correctly in 10 steps

In the best case the kitchen unit is set up by a professional. You can usually find it online equal order and deliver the kitchen unit including the assembly or it can be added separately in the Surroundings Can be requested. Is this not possible or also out not for financial reasons desired, you can of course also lend a hand yourself.

Step 1

Step 1

Sort packages. You know it from every Ikea joke. The individual parts are labeled. Before tearing open the packaging, the order in which the things are needed should be sorted.

step 2

step 2

Make space. In the best case, there is always space where the kitchen unit should be later. However, if you have a very small kitchen, you can move to the garage or living room to build individual cabinets.

step 3

step 3

Have the tool ready. Nothing is worse than being constantly interrupted because you have to go looking again.

Step 4

Step 4

Assemble kitchen cabinets and large parts first.

Step 5

Step 5

Pre-assemble drawers and doors before inserting them.

Step 6

Step 6

Bring cabinets and large parts to their destination and sort them.

Step 7

Step 7

Lay connections. This can affect power, water and the like. It should be ready before the doors are inserted and the cabinets screwed together, otherwise you take the space yourself.

Step 8

Step 8

Adjust the cabinet feet so that everything is level and at the correct height.

Step 9

Step 9

Cut the worktop to size. The professional can also do this individually.

Step 10

Step 10

Insert and adjust drawers and doors.

10 tips for caring for the kitchenette

Tip 1

Tip 1

Cleaning with a damp cloth and washing-up liquid

Tip 2

Tip 2

Clean the stove with special cleaners for ceramic hob and oven

Tip 3

Tip 3

Degrease surfaces regularly

Tip 4

Tip 4

Replace and clean the extractor hood filter regularly, this removes grease from the kitchen air

Tip 5

Tip 5

Clean stainless steel surfaces and the sink with lukewarm water and washing-up liquid

Tip 6

Tip 6

Clean the casts in the dishwasher and sink and protect them with a sieve if necessary

Tip 7

Tip 7

Wash the refrigerator regularly with water and washing-up liquid

Tip 8

Tip 8

Clean handles regularly T.

Tip 9

Tip 9

Be careful with sensitive materials, some kitchen cleaning agents are quite aggressive and can permanently damage the color and shine.

Tip 10

Tip 10

Everything that is immediately put away and put away doesn't look messy at first. So put the dishes in the dishwasher right away, don't first wipe them on the worktop and wipe the surface, not just when everything has dried up.

Useful accessories in the kitchen unit

Ever after this, how the kitchen itself is defined, of course, are many domestic appliances nothing more than accessories. So you can use a dishwasher as useful equipment see or count to the basic equipment of the kitchen. In general, there is an incredible number of electrical devices for everyone Situation available.

This includes things like waffle irons, Microellae, Deep fryers but also complete kitchen machines and fully automatic coffee machines. Next the actual kitchen can also contain empty containers or Trolley play a role in kitchen planning. The create additional order and storage space.

Stiftung Warentest on the topic of kitchen unit test - the results

Foundation, endowment Product test on the subject of the kitchenette explicitly points out that the theme Kitchen different rules regarding the legal warranty prevail. So are Fitted kitchensthat were planned, delivered and also individually assembled by the dealer for the customer, not the one general Right of the consumer inferior for two years. you counting to the contracts for work and services and for them, according to the civil code, generally apply for 5 years. The Dealers has the opportunity to resolve problems in the event of problems. If that doesn't work, the customer can do it hand back. But be careful: the dealer is allowed to return of the purchase price an amount for the kitchen use that has already been made took place has retained.

In addition, she knows Foundation, endowment Product test suggests that there is no right of Seller on a prepayment. Although this is often requested, it violates the applicable one Jurisdiction, since the buyer has to keep a leverage and this in the case of the kitchen unit in the form of the Final payment Has. As a customer, you can therefore refuse to pay the final payment before all defects in the kitchenette have been eliminated. The amount of the remaining payment must, however, be proportionate to the defects that occur. So several thousand euros cannot be withheld because of one missing Handle on the drawer.

So much for the legal Framework. The team of expert testing can also use the current Test results from Stiftung Warentest confirm that in Fitted kitchens, which are delivered complete with built-in devices, often devices “2. Choice ”.

The problem can be on the part easily avoided by the customer equipment and the kitchen units can be selected and bought separately from each other. However, many offer Kitchen provider then no more discounts and package prices. Stiftung Warentest recommends this approach Nevertheless, because the bottom line is mostly the cost of electricity and water are cheaper.

The Expert testing Team has also researched that many supposed Noname manufacturers and kitchens from the discounter also come from manufacturers such as Nobilia, but are only marketed under other names. This is especially annoying for the buyers of expensive ones Brand kitchens. Because often there are not even other ones for the cheaper counterparts materials used. The structure alone can be a problem for the discounter. Because that is most of time not included in the price and, depending on the construction company, does not always meet the quality requirements that a kitchen studio would have. And here, too, in both price segments absolutely There are outliers down and up.