How can women marry a rich man

A pretty young woman is looking for a rich man on the internet. And he answers ...

Finding a suitable man for life is not always easy. This gave a young student from the States the idea to publish her concern in the forum of a dating website. The only requirement: he should make at least $ 500,000 a year.

The following is what the young woman posted on the dating site:

“I want to be honest with you guys. I will be 25 this year. I am very pretty, have style and good taste. I want to marry a guy with a salary of $ 500,000 or more a year. You could say that I'm greedy, but even an annual salary of $ 1 million a year is barely enough for the upper middle class in New York.

So my requirements are not too high. Is there anyone on this forum with an annual income of $ 500,000? Are you all married yet? What I want to know is: what do I have to do to marry a rich person like you?

Among those I've dated so far, the wealthiest had an annual income of $ 250,000 and that seems to be my upper limit as well. If someone wants to move to a residential area like New York City Garden (?), However, an annual income of $ 250,000 is just not enough.

So I just want to ask a few humble questions:

  1. Where do the richest bachelors hang out? (Please give the names and addresses of bars, restaurants, fitness studios)
  2. What Age Group Should I Target?
  3. Why do the women of rich men look so average? I've met some girls who don't look good and are not interesting, but they were able to marry rich guys.
  4. How do you decide who your wife will be and who will be your girlfriend? (my goal is to get married here!) ”

Your Ms. Pretty

After a short time, Ms. Pretty received a very philosophical answer from a successful investment banker:

“Dear Ms. Pretty,

I read your request with the greatest interest. I suppose there are a lot of girls out there who have questions similar to yours. So please allow me to analyze your situation as a professional investor.

My annual income is in excess of $ 500,000, which will no doubt meet your requirement. So I hope everyone believes that I'm not wasting your time here. But from a businessman's point of view, marrying you would be a bad decision. Why? The answer is very simple, so please let me explain.

Setting aside the details, what you're trying to do is an exchange - “beauty” for “money”: Person A provides beauty, and Person B pays for it. However, there is an essential problem. Your beauty will wither, but my money won't be gone for no good reason. The fact is, my income could go up year by year, but you can't get prettier from year to year.

Consequently, from an economic point of view, I am an investment that increases in value, while your beauty, and thus your only value to which you reduce yourself, decreases over time. It's not just a normal loss of value, it's an exponential loss. If your only asset is your beauty, your worth will be a lot worse 10 years later. Their beauty is therefore nothing more than a performance-related depreciation based on the useful life, with the reminder value hidden.

By the rules we use on Wall Street, every trade has a "trading position". A date with you is therefore also a trade. If the trade value of the trade falls, we will sell the position as it is not a good idea to hold a falling position for the long term - the same goes for the marriage you desire. It sounds cruel to put it that way, but sooner or later the smartest thing to do is to either sell immediately or "lease" for a short period of time any position with a high probability of major depreciation.

Someone with an annual income of more than $ 500,000 is no fool, so we would date you, but we would not marry you. I would advise you to leave it looking for any clues in order to marry a rich guy. And by the way, you better try to become that rich person yourself that you are dearly looking for. You have a better chance than finding a rich fool.

I hope this answer was helpful. "

Steven (investment banker)

* You can find the original in English here and here.

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