Where can I meet rich men online

Meeting and getting to know rich women: this is how it works

A partner who not only looks beautiful, but is also wealthy and swims in money? A dream for many men ... and apparently for you too! Therefore, in this article I will explain to you how you can find rich women, meet them on a date and get to know them.

With a bit of luck you will soon experience something like "Pretty Woman" with roles reversed.

"Man without money conquers the rich millionaire lady with villa, horse and sports car" ... if this is not the subject of Hollywood, then I don't know either!

Where can you look for and find rich women?

One thing is as clear as bubbly (even clearer than the noble drink): If you meet rich women and want to get to know them, you have to go where financially strong people hang around.

The possibilities in your life are more diverse than you think poor church mouse ...

They range from exclusive vacations to high society parties and cultural events to sports.

Where you ultimately go on the bridal lookout to fish a rich lady always depends on what type of single woman you are looking for and what your own hobbies and interests are.

Because you don't want a partner who only has money like hay and keeps you as a toy boy in her villa. Rather, you are looking for a soul mate who is also on the same wavelength as you in terms of character, right?

1. Getting to know rich women through interests

Here I have put together a list of places for you, where you can look for and find a rich woman who suits you:

When vacationing in expensive hotels:

  • at the bar
  • in the lounge / lobby
  • in the wellness area
  • at the pool
  • in the spa gardens
  • in the restaurant area at the breakfast buffet or evening meal
  • at exclusive parties (also outside the hotel)
  • on cruises (quasi the floating hotels)

Sports and cultural events:

  • at classical concerts
  • generally in opera houses (even if you are looking for rich older women)
  • in art exhibitions
  • to exclusive vernissages
  • at horse racing
  • in sailing regattas
  • in golf clubs and country clubs
  • in yacht clubs
  • in the tennis club

Other places in the city:

  • expensive wellness temples and funs
  • exclusive gyms (if you want to date sporty Instagram models)
  • while flirting in the supermarket in upscale residential areas
  • expensive clubs, bars, restaurants and exclusive parties
  • luxurious shopping miles and boulevards (such as the Kö in Düsseldorf or Maximilianstrasse in Munich)
  • Jewelry stores as well as expensive boutiques and opticians
  • upscale casinos with gaming tables (no cheap arcades made of pure slot machines!)

It can also help to network intensively instead of just going to the places mentioned once. That means: cleaning handles and licking boots, even if it costs a lot of sweat!

Make regular contacts with high society (including men!) In order to receive invitations to exclusive VIP events.

2. Meet rich women at work

You don't feel like spending your precious free time in the world of the rich and beautiful? Or no time or money for it?

The second option as a man is to look for a job where you meet rich women without being wealthy yourself.

As a management consultant, for example, you can get to know successful business women who earn a lot of money because of their position.

Or you work for a real estate agent who specializes in the brokerage of luxury properties.

More ideas for professional activities:

  • Waiters / bartenders in fine bars, discos and restaurants
  • Interior decorator
  • Financial advisor
  • Business coach
  • Hotel employee
  • Customer advisors in expensive stores
  • Lifeguard in the luxury wellness bathroom
  • Building cleaning for expensive residential and corporate properties
  • Boat repairs, especially for yachts
  • Upmarket (art) craft, for example: installing the golden taps, renovating villas, laying marble floors or adding stucco

And I don't need to explain to you that as a car salesman at Porsche or Ferrari you will also meet rich customers ... get them, Tiger!

3. Find a partner through online dating

It doesn't work that way in real life?

The easiest way to find and date rich women is online platforms and social networks.

But I don't mean the dirty pages where worn-out widows offer themselves online for money ...

Instead, look for, for example, exclusive Facebook groups with topics that are of particular interest to rich people. The lists above give you an idea of ​​how to do this.

You can then use these groups to chat with wealthy people in a very informal manner, provided you know how to flirt on Facebook.

The cover letter on Instagram also offers you a good chance, especially if you want to date would-be celebs, fitness models and other attractive high society girls.

Most likely, however, I would advise you to choose elite partners for online dating, as the famous “singles with class” are out here who are specifically looking for a partner and are therefore particularly open to getting to know each other.

And apart from that, there is still the good old Tinder for flirting ... the level of the ladies is also quite high here and you don't pay a tired euro as a man.

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Meet and date rich women

Okay, now you know the places and opportunities where you can meet rich women.

And now? Roll up your sleeves and get into battle? No, not so hastily, my dear!

First, you have to keep a few things in mind when flirting if you really want to win the hearts of luxury ladies:

1. Get the right clothes and manners

Surely you know that there are certain manners in high society.

If you act like a farmer in a cowshed, you will be outside faster than you can put the word “money” in your mouth. Count on it!

Then even getting to know rich women is over before it even really starts.

Therefore, follow these 3 rules:

  • Dress like rich men do - always appropriate to the occasion, of course (for example, suit, tie and leather shoes for the opera, a polo shirt for a sports event, etc.).
  • Learn to behave like a representative of the upper class: greeting, body language, table manners when eating and other stylish manners.
  • In elite circles, people also like to have high-quality conversations. Therefore, you should at least have a minimum level of education and speak the language of the rich people.

And if you are unsure:

First just observe the wealthy people from the "edge of the field" and study their behavior instead of immediately plunging into the fray.

This will prevent you from attracting attention uncomfortably or strangely like an elephant in pink ballet shoes.

2. Get in touch with the women

I have already written several articles on the question of how you can address women - for example at a party in a club or on the street.

The rich ladies in particular are used to being ensnared by boring slimes in their lives.

In your search, be different from these guys who have a huge stick in their buttocks under their expensive suit pants!

Therefore, as an interesting man, you should try it with a bit of cheek and humor.

When you speak to them, ask slightly provocative questions like these:

  • In the art exhibition: “Well, what is this picture supposed to say? Is that one of those new works of art that were painted by monkeys? "
  • In the foyer of the opera: “Have you already indulged in one of those delicious cough drops? Woe to you if you cough the whole time while we are eager to listen to the musical performance! "
  • When doing sports in the gym: “Can you show me how to adjust this treadmill? Your figure tells me that you are here more often and that you know your way around! Or are you one of those happy women who eat a lot and still not gain weight? "
  • In the casino (if she loses): “Well that was probably nothing. Got a bad day today? Okay, I want to be gracious ... Revenge? "
  • Similar to horse racing: “Which horse did you bet on? (later after the race) ... Oh, you have lost there, are you lacking in practice or has doping failed? "

Be creative and think about beforehand which saying you want to come around the corner with to meet a rich woman!

And no matter how funny you are: Always say such sentences in a friendly manner and with a smile at the first contact so that the lady really understands it as fun.

You should also react quickly to their answer so that you can keep the conversation going.

3. The no-go's when meeting rich women

How do you go about flirting after you talk to her? Good question!

One thing is especially important if you are going to meet and date rich women: NEVER try to impress them with money, cars, Rolex and other status symbols.

You won't impress her with it when dating, because ...

  • first she has probably had enough of such luxuries herself.
  • Secondly she meets a thousand other men in her life who have such things to offer.
  • third she'll think you're a clumsy show-off.

Please don't be too cool macho like a badly acted James Bond! The girls notice it quickly if you only fake a role in order to be able to “keep up” with it.

Meet her (at least) at eye level!

Conversely, you shouldn't show that you are overly impressed with her and NEVER shower her with compliments.

If she gets wind of the fact that you adore her only for her money or other things, she will get a bad feeling and think:

Oha, this man puts me on a huge pedestal and makes himself very small. So he's standing below me, what a cream puff! How could I ever take him seriously?

Sounds pretty harsh, admittedly.

But nobody said flirting with rich ladies is a pony yard, right?

The best way to get the mindset of a real winner is to always ask yourself this question:

Okay, she's got a lot of cash and looks good But is that all? At the meeting I want to find out whether she has a lot to offer in terms of character. Only then is she the right partner for me!

If you have internalized this mindset in your search, you will get a confident charisma that is irresistible.

4. Have a conversation and meet a woman on a date

And now the most important principle again: Even rich women want to date a man they can look up to. That should just have become clear from my explanations.

Perhaps you are now thinking: "But Andy, what am I supposed to be able to offer such a luxurious beauty as a poor eater without wealth?

Thought wrong!

Since women generally do NOT allow themselves to be impressed by money and cars, you just have to do it when dating inner Have qualities that they find naturally attractive ...

... and which other (even many rich) men do not have to offer!

Especially with wealthy single women, these should be classically masculine characteristics like these:

  • a self-confidence that is as tough as her father's golf clubs
  • confident body language, able to look her in the eye while talking
  • great thirst for adventure, so that you can report a lot about your travels, vacations and other exciting experiences on the date
  • a large circle of friends, which as an alpha male you should also lead, many contacts with "important" people
  • Goals in life, a mission that you pursue with passion
  • if not a high position in the job, then at least ambition, willingness to take risks and the prospect of a good career
  • an opinion of your own instead of being a boring yes-and-amen-person
  • a lot of humor in your questions and answers without looking like a silly clown

But what exactly can you say to her in a conversation to get to know this rich woman better and to seduce her on the date to the point of kissing ...

... and all of that WITHOUT being a millionaire or having status symbols?

In addition: How can you bind her to you permanently if you want a steady relationship with her, possibly even marrying?

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