How do real estate use Facebook effectively

Is Facebook worth it for real estate agents?

How can you still use Facebook effectively as a broker?

Brokers are looking for sellers and landlords. You want to attract that particular group as customers. So they don't appeal to all Facebook users. Only a small part.

In order to win customers, a broker on Facebook must therefore be very targeted and share very specific content that interests his small target group. In the first step, this means defining the target group. Age, gender, place of residence, hobbies, interests and relationship status must be determined.

Step Two: Put together topics that interest this selected group. With some it is easier than with others. For example, there are studies that show that women and especially mothers in the age group 24-44 are very interested in interior design, gardening, decoration and cooking. Even if it sounds like a cliché, it is. Here, however, only the average or the majority is spoken of.

When brokers have found suitable content and use a nice picture, you can count on reactions. However, only if there is a suitable call for each post. Just saying: "If you like it, click" I like it "or please share this here" is unfortunately not enough. There is either a link to more information, a call for discussion or a question. After all, you want to interact as a user on Facebook. That is the point of a network. And communication on Facebook only takes place through interaction. This is the only way to achieve a greater reach of the contribution. This is necessary so that even your own fans can see the contributions.