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How oral fistulas develop and what works against them

When a tooth root becomes inflamed, it is caused by bacteria that attack and damage the tissue. The immune system tries to fight the bacteria, but this does not lead to a cure because the actual inflammation is hidden in the oral cavity. Therefore, pus develops initially as an immune reactionwhich, however, cannot drain into the oral cavity or be eliminated naturally from the body. If the inflammation is left untreated, a tooth abscess can form that encapsulates the pus that has formed. A focus of inflammation arises, which grows with more and more pus and can destroy bones and connective tissue in the process.

In this phase of the disease process, the affected patient often feels one increasing pressure in the area of ​​the inflamed toothwhich is accompanied by severe pain. It is characterized by a throbbing pain, which is often relieved by taking tablets. The gums can also expand visibly and noticeably when the abscess becomes larger. These are clear warning signals that should definitely be taken seriously, because now at the latest the moment has come to overcome the fear of the dentist and seek treatment.

If you still do not have the inflammation treated, you accept that the abscess will get bigger and bigger. However, the available space in the jaw is limited, so that oral fistulas can form as a consequence. These tube-like connections act like a valve that opens when the pressure is too high and thus ensures pressure equalization. The function of the oral fistula is to allow the pus to drain and drain away. For this reason, many patients initially feel the development of oral fistulas as a relief, because the throbbing, intense pain subsides from one moment to the next. The pus paves its way through the newly formed tube into the oral cavity, the pressure decreases and with it the pain.

However, the inflammation remains in the jaw and can spread there. Therefore, the dentist should be consulted at the latest after the fistula has broken - the earlier treatment begins, the greater the chances of limiting negative consequences and allowing the inflammation to heal completely.