Is it okay for women to cry?

Crying is healthy 7 reasons why you should cry!

Crying can help us live healthier lives

Most of us hide our tears because we are ashamed of them. Anyone who just starts crying is considered weak and unstable. “Crybaby” - we still know this abuse word from childhood and we definitely don't want to be that anymore. But what to do when it makes you feel desperate or sad? Aren't you trying to swallow your tears and keep from crying? In the best case scenario, we only allow ourselves to cry in a quiet room at home. But actually we should do this a lot more often and not be ashamed of it at all, because crying helps us live healthier. How it works? Just like that!

Crying is a sign of strength - seven reasons

Science agrees: crying is healthy and even a sign of strength of character. In fact, people who allow themselves to cry are usually healthier than people who suppress their feelings. For example, tears that are pushed away can lead to stomach problems, depression or anxiety. Yes, even asthma is blamed by doctors. If you need more arguments to simply press your lacrimal gland more often in the future - these seven reasons are guaranteed to convince you:

1. If you live your feelings and do not suppress crying, you live healthier, because you stabilize your emotional balance and frees your mind from stressful emotions.

2. Your breathing is regulated and relaxation sets in. After the crying fit you will feel calmern.

3. Tears before bed or at night are good for you peaceful sleep.

4. You can also cry Means of communication and usually leads to better understanding of you.

5. Since tear fluid is filled to the brim with antibacterial substances such as lysozyme, it cleanses and cares for the eyes.

6. The lacrimal glands are comparable to a chemistry laboratory. Are you crying, will Happiness hormones like endorphins and soothing and analgesic substances are released.

7. Crying helps Stress relief. That is also the reason why we sometimes start crying out of being overwhelmed.

But be careful: cheating is not an option. If you just start crying in order to achieve something, all the positive side effects will not occur. In order to enjoy the healthy aspects of crying, the whole spectrum of emotions is part of it. Because it is only through them that they become soothing hormones and messenger substances are released.

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Whoever weeps frees his soul

If you feel like crying with grief, fear, despair, overwhelming or joy and compassion and you give in to this need, you also ensure that your emotions can flow more freely. You protect your body from blockages, there is no congestion of unprocessed feelings and energies. The result: you can automatically live healthier. We have the ability to cry for a reason. As a result of evolution, a lot happens in our body during this process that supports health:

  • Crying serves us for our protection and for Processing difficult situations.

  • It relieves mental tensionon and we experience a sense of relief.

  • Because strong crying strains the organism, uses up energy and increases the heartbeat, we are then exhausted and tired and often fall asleep.

  • Negative energies are literally washed from the soul.

So cry when you feel like it and don't be ashamed of your emotions. The tears will make you live healthier in the long term, cleanse the mind and soul and thus save you one or the other grief in the future.

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