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They kiss and they hit him: "Californication"

The other day, in a quiz program on Italian television (ironically, on the Berlusconi broadcaster “La 5”), the question was asked which of four Hollywood stars had undergone ball ironing. So the smoothing of a part of the body, as only men call it their own. Correct answer: George Clooney. Yes, yes, there is such a thing. We live in a time in which external appearances also play a role in the most intimate regions. An interesting paradox, by the way.

So if you think that the series “Californication” (currently on RTL II) exaggerates the behavior of the beautiful, rich and more or less successful in Los Angeles and especially Hollywood, you are probably wrong. Anyone who is part of an industry (or its suppliers) that is exclusively concerned with designing distorted illusions is increasingly becoming an illusion themselves. And strict guidelines apply to the mirage of the Hollywood brand - non-negotiable, for example, is the total hairlessness and smoothness (see above) of certain body regions.

It is also helpful if you are not afraid of intoxicants of any kind, after all, there is nothing more desolate than reality. It can be assumed that something like reality never existed anyway. The title Californication is made up of two parts: California, the name of the state that large parts of the USA consider to be a depraved, immoral sin babel. And fornication, i.e. fornication, in this case above all extramarital sexual intercourse.

Hank Moody, a New York writer, wrote the hit novel "God hates Us All" a few years ago. Hollywood bought the script from him and made a film out of it. Moody moved from NYC to LA just to see his book screwed up into a shallow work called “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, which has only the title in common with the Queen song. Moody's problem: He still believes in one or two things. Of love, for example. In art, in literature, in language, in music. In short: he clings to a completely outmoded idea of ​​truthfulness. Which does not mean that he does not join the general drinking, coke and sex orgy. On the contrary: the women lie at Hank Moody's feet, they kiss him, they beat him, they take advantage of him, they cheat on him, but they always want to bed with him.

Moody puts up with it, his life has come to a standstill anyway - he can no longer write, and his great love and muse Karen wants to marry someone else. So why not have some fun. This fun is shown so explicitly that a red 18 is emblazoned on the German DVD edition. Not to mention the language. No sentence without the F-word, which is remarkable for a country where it can happen that an eight-year-old boy is excluded from class because he stuck out his tongue at a classmate. Reason: This is a clearly sexual gesture.

David Duchovny played the attractive FBI agent Fox Moulder in "The X-Files", who looked so sexy to the female fans because he was not aware of his sexyness. It is only different here at first glance. Duchovny, who caused quite a stir in real life with the drama of his sex addiction, is rarely seen fully dressed in "Californication", but his Hank Moody is anything but the woman-devouring cynic he claims to be. On the contrary: like almost all great heroes, he is a great naive. Despite his obvious intelligence, despite his education and a horizon that extends far beyond the Hollywood Hills. But how can someone survive who puts their first promising relationship at risk in years because they are bothered by their girlfriend using Internet language abbreviations like LOL?

Of course he survives. At least as long as the quotas are right. The seventh season is coming in 2014. Hank Moody is a stand-up man, and one day he'll be successful again. Artistically and economically. And he even regains his Karen (Natascha McElhone), even if it never really becomes clear what fascinates him about this beautiful, but actually a bit boring woman. Because even she fails to bring stability into his life.

Well worth thinking about what makes this Hank Moody so adorable. Perhaps the fact that he seeks the drugs, the sex, the diversions in order to feel something, while everyone else is just numbing themselves. Perhaps because, despite all the brawls, skirmishes and harassment, it is never seriously harmed. Maybe because he gets along completely without self-pity. But maybe also because for him repartee and wit are veritable weapons that he wields with enviable accuracy.

"Californication" is ostensibly the most entertaining inventory of a society that has lost all faith in itself. Basically, like all great dramas, the series asks what is really important in life.

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