Is a heavy breakfast healthy

25 meal prep recipes: healthy and tasty through the day

Meal prep recipes for breakfast

Full speed ahead! Nothing beats a good, wholesome breakfast that will keep you energized through the morning. My 5 meal prep recipes will satisfy both sweet and savory mouths alike.

Paleo porridge with coconut and almonds

Back to the ... Stone Age! The paleo diet is also commonly known as the “Stone Age diet”, as highly processed foods such as industrial sugar are avoided and the focus is instead on unprocessed foods with valuable fiber and proteins. This creamy porridge convinces with a topping of cinnamon pears and fruity pomegranate seeds and tastes both warm and cold. To the recipe

Muffins with blueberries

At best, my breakfast should be healthy, but also damn tasty. I don't compromise on that. These clean blueberry muffins are therefore the perfect choice for me. Conveniently, they can be prepared on Sunday so that I can pack a muffin every morning. In an airtight container, the little indulgence bombs last for about 5 days. To the recipe

Granola with no added sugar

With homemade granola you kill two birds with one stone. First, it tastes much better than packaged muesli from the supermarket, and second, it contains a lot less sugar! This delicious crispness can even be omitted entirely and tastes particularly good with homemade almond milk. To the recipe

No Knead farmer's bread from the cocotte

This bread is too good to be true and very easy to make. Even newbies can't go wrong here, because as the name suggests, the No Knead bread comes with almost no kneading. Baking in the cocotte also gives it a crust that is unparalleled in the bakery world. The perfect partner for cheese, jam, nut-nougat cream and Co. To the recipe

One roaster - unlimited enjoyment

Hearty stew, juicy roast, fluffy cake or would you prefer crusty bread? With our cocottes in different colors, shapes and sizes, you can enjoy a variety of pleasures without or, if and but. The cast iron roasting pans in Scandinavian design not only cut a chic figure in your kitchen. Thanks to their optimal heat storage, your delicacies will stay warm for a long time on the dining table and are always elegantly presented.

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Breakfast quesadilla

For this breakfast enjoyment, you can confidently hit the snooze button again. You prepare your quesadillas the evening before and simply heat them up in the microwave or pan the next morning. To the recipe

Cashew mousse with lemon and pomegranate

This cloud-like cashew mousse with a tangy lemon aroma is definitely intended for “Meal Prep Sunday”, as it takes a little time to make. But on Monday morning you will be rewarded with an absolute breakfast dream that is also clean and vegan. To the recipe

Smoothies & drinks

For the extra portion of vitamins, I like to grab a smoothie or ginger shot, which I quickly prepare either the evening before or in the morning. These 5 recipes have proven to be particularly effective for me.

Golden Milk - The magic drink for body and mind

Of course, it should not be missing from a list of the best drinks and smoothies: Golden Milk. Valued in Ayuvedic teaching for centuries for its health-promoting effects, the power drink with turmeric and ginger is also becoming increasingly popular with us. Especially, but not only, during the annoying cold season. The Golden Milk is prepared in a flash in the morning and, filled in a thermos bottle, sweetened your day. To the recipe

Mia brings you airy moments of pleasure

Do you fancy cappuccino, chai tea latte, hot chocolate or ice-cold frappé? The electric milk frother Mia accompanies you all year round with fluffy milk foam and creamy hot drinks.

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Vegan smoothie bowl with pomegranate and berries

Smoothies are not just for drinking, they are also excellent for spooning, as this super-berry smoothie bowl proves. Pomegranate, spinach and beetroot also provide extra vitamins and minerals. To the recipe

Pick-me-up smoothie with mango and green tea

Are you looking for the pick-me-up alternative to coffee and black tea? Try this green smoothie. In addition to mango, rocket and bananas, green tea also joins the healthy trio. I prefer to prepare my smoothies the evening before so I just have to reach into the fridge in the morning and be ready to go. To the recipe

2-ingredient smoothie with yogurt and berries

Sometimes good is so easy. All you need for this smoothie is vanilla yogurt and your favorite frozen berries. Throw in the high-performance mixer and the creamy pleasure is ready. If you are on a plant-based diet, you can of course also use vegan yogurt. To the recipe

Ginger turmeric shot

No matter if summer or winter. This ginger turmeric shot gives my immune system a good boost at all times and ensures that I run at full speed. Since the shot stays in the fridge for about 5 days, I prepare a large portion on Sundays and enjoy a small glass every morning. Also works great as a coffee substitute. To the recipe

Get vitamins up to speed

Whether green smoothies, fresh pesto or creamy almond butter - All-rounder Hanno crushed thanks innovative 6-blade system reliable and fiber-free even tougher ingredients. With proud 2.7 hp Hanno has a lot of power and takes care of one Power of 2000 watts for even and creamy mixing results.

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Meal prep recipes for lunch

Let's get to the supreme discipline of meal prep recipes: lunch. I once calculated that I save up to € 200 a month through clever pre-cooking and, by the way, also unnecessary waste and unhealthyConvenience food avoid. It also still tastes best when cooked, right? My 9 recipe ideas can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 3 days without any problems. If you want to pre-cook even more, most dishes (especially soups, curries or lasagna) can also be frozen and can then be kept for up to 3 months.

Onigirazu - Colorful sushi sandwiches

Your colleagues are guaranteed to be amazed when they see your deluxe sushi sandwiches, which also work without chopsticks. Chop vegetables, cook rice, deep-fry tofu, fold nori sheets - that's all you need for a meditative meal-prep Sunday. To the recipe

Veggie avocado sandwich

Anyone can make a sandwich, but with avocado, carrot, red cabbage, tomato, lettuce ... it is a real treat for the palate that also has a lot to offer visually. To the recipe

Beetroot tart with goat cheese and hazelnuts

We now know that beetroot can do more than just pickle. The Lady in Red is even a real star among the winter vegetables and a rich source of vitamins and minerals. The deep red tuber can also be used creatively, as this beetroot tart with goat cheese and hazelnuts proves. To the recipe

Turkish lentilsoup

Mercimek Çorbası is the soup star in Turkish cuisine and, thanks to a touch of the Orient, ensures the necessary break in the head during the lunch break. My tip: Slice up a lemon and add that extra bit of liveliness to your bowl. Afiyet olsun! To the recipe

Vegan vegetable curry with potatoes and pak choi

This vegetable curry is a real miracle weapon against cold viruses with its variety of vegetables. Thanks to the cast iron roaster, you can also prepare a particularly large amount, which you can wonderfully freeze in portions. As a side dish, rice makes a Bella Figura, which you should prepare fresh for each serving if you put your curry in the freezer. To the recipe

Ratatouille lasagna

Italy meets France. Lasagna meets ratatouille. Curtain up for perhaps the most delicious pleasure since pasta and vegetables have existed. To the recipe

Cooking creatively with Kaia

Unusual food trends or meal prep in everyday life? - Kaia is the one Universal food processorthat will help you to successfully implement both your basic needs and your wild food fantasies. Whether it's chic summer rolls, spicy pestos or creamy soups: Kaia chops up and mixes faster than you can tell your friends about your new recipe ideas.

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Cucumber and chickpea salad to go

Do you prefer to eat salad during your lunch break? No problem, this can also be prepared wonderfully and stacked up in pretty mason jars. Make sure that heavy things like chickpeas, potatoes or rice and the dressing form the lower layers and light lettuce leaves or herbs, which can quickly become mushy, form the upper layers. So you can enjoy a crisp, fresh salad at lunchtime. To the recipe