Shoes are compulsory for the gym

Questions and answers about the gym

The most important questions our customers have answered for you:

What should I take with me to the gym?

In the entire fitness studio and in the course room, training is only permitted with appropriate sportswear and clean sports shoes. For reasons of hygiene, a towel is always required as a pad when training on the equipment and in the course area. Small towels can be borrowed. A large towel is recommended for the shower and sauna area. Shower gel dispensers are located in the wet area.

How many times a week should I go to the gym?

The frequency of visits to the gym differs from athlete to athlete, depending on individual goals and your own timing. An important pillar for your own success is regularity - in other words, that you consistently pull through your training over several months. This is the only way to achieve success. It is generally advisable to train three times a week in the gym - but this can vary.

What should I wear in the gym?

As mentioned above, sportswear and sports shoes are compulsory in the gym. Clothing should be comfortable and not restrict freedom of movement. The shoes should only be worn indoors - and not outdoors. You can wear a light jacket or sweater to warm up.

Why should I go to the gym?

In general, we don't move enough these days. In everyday life we ​​sit too much, drive cars or use elevators instead of stairs. This leads to weight gain, musculoskeletal disorders or a weakening of one's own health (metabolism, cardiovascular system, etc.). Training in the gym with the help of our trained trainers should help you to strengthen your own body, to optimize your metabolic work and your own endurance or to proactively tackle complaints and muscular imbalances. Furthermore, the sport helps to increase your own sense of wellbeing and of course to get your own body in shape.

Where can I get a day ticket for a fitness studio in Munich?

You can come by at any time within our opening hours, buy a day pass at reception and train immediately in the fitness studio.

Why am I only allowed to go to the gym from the age of 16?

In general, by the age of 16, the growth of the body is so advanced that you can safely train in the gym. This of course differs from person to person. But 16 years is generally a reasonable age. Strong growth spurts occur less often, coordination is (again) improved or imbalances no longer occur so seriously, so that you can now work on the equipment and weights without hesitation.

From what age does strength training make sense?

In general, sport should be an integral part from a young age: to strengthen muscles, to get to know and optimize movement sequences and to improve the coordination of your own body. In toddler and elementary school age this is often trained with the help of group games (ball sports, running games, etc.) or with individual disciplines such as gymnastics. With puberty the body experiences strong growth spurts, the hormonal balance goes crazy and the whole body is "out of control". A lack of coordination, restricted mobility or poor posture are not uncommon. During this time, specific exercises in the area of ​​flexibility, strengthening and coordination should be used. At around 16 years of age, as described above, the body is so pronounced that you can then start training in the gym.

Why am I losing weight in the gym?

Exercise requires energy - you burn calories through exercising. A workout in the fitness studio based on a sensible training plan paired with a suitable diet are the guarantee for successful weight loss. One hour of strength training including the afterburn effect increases the calorie consumption significantly, so that an energy deficit is created with the right food.

Which gyms are recommended?

The criteria for choosing a suitable fitness studio are individual: equipment, trainer, personal support and audience. A fitness studio with high standards should score in all areas: well-equipped cardio and equipment park, free weight area, functional area, TRX training, course room, varied course program, sauna and wellness area - qualified trainers and personal trainers - and of course a pleasant atmosphere.

Why are gyms so expensive?

In general, fitness studios have very high fixed costs (rent, electricity, water, etc.), invest in equipment and equipment and should employ well-trained trainers with the appropriate qualifications. In addition, there are running costs for maintenance and repairs. This is the only way to guarantee comfortable training for the members.

What should I look out for when I have a contract at the gym?

Before or when concluding a contract in the gym, you should find out about possible terms, membership fees, registration fees (what does this include, e.g. creating a training plan) and notice periods. Furthermore, whether additional costs could arise for e.g. courses - in premium fitness studios these are usually included. It is advisable to clarify all possible questions in a personal interview before concluding and signing. Time for a detailed tour with a personal or trainer should also always be planned.

What should I start with in the gym?

Without training experience, you shouldn't just get started. Therefore, the instruction is first carried out with a trainer. With the help of an anamnesis and personal questionnaire on site in the fitness studio, this distorts a suitable program, which in turn is worked through in detail with the trainer. This training plan usually consists of a short warm-up program, exercises to improve mobility, units for building muscle or targeted training to reduce symptoms - but it varies from person to person.

If you have any further questions, you can visit us at the GYMMY fitness studio in Munich Bogenhausen at any time. We would be happy to advise you by phone or email.