What is paid administrative leave


The uniform form for personnel files No. T-6 is a standard form that contains the relevant fields to fill out.

Order - leave at your own expense, sample T-6

What must be specified in the order

When ordering unpaid leave (sample of 2020), consider the following columns:

  • name and eight-digit code of the organization according to OKPO;
  • the number of the order and the date of registration (namely the registration, although the filling is written, since you can fill it out today, but it can be approved tomorrow)
  • FULL NAME. Employee;
  • the time of his work, for which days of rest are provided;
  • type of rest and number of calendar days;
  • column for signature in knowledge of the order.

The main blocks that need to be completed and that require special attention are marked with the letters A (basic annual remuneration), B (other types of rest periods) and C (total number of calendar days).

Block A. Annual basic paid leave

Here, without exception, we set the rest periods that are made available to all employees of the organization each year.

Sample filling out the order for annual leave

Block B. Other types of recreation

A sample to fill out the order form for unpaid leave (own expense)

Sometimes it is also referred to as paid administrative leave.

Block B. Total number of calendar days

The law does not prohibit the combination of paid and unpaid absences. Paid rest days can easily become unpaid, especially since the T-6 form makes it possible to express this idea on paper.

An example of filling out the administrative leave order form

Vacation order, sample from 2020

Retention period for vacation orders

In accordance with Clause 19 of the List of Approved Standard Administrative Archival Documents ..., the retention period for such documents is 5 years.

And all kinds of orders relating to the rest of the employees with child care, without pay (wages), according to the same point of the list, are stored for 75 years. Thus, the arrangement of administrative leave, a sample of which is given above, is stored in the archive for at least 75 years.

Temporary fulfillment of obligations

When an employee is resting, their functional (and sometimes professional) tasks are shared among other work colleagues. At the same time, he can be entrusted with the execution of his main task (stipulated by the employment contract) in accordance with the labor law standards with the written consent of the employee.

Example of filling out the order form to replace an employee

An important and mandatory matter in this matter is the condition of compliance with the formal side of the temporary registration procedure. The employer must check the following:

  • an employee's own handwriting of an application for temporary fulfillment of duties;
  • familiarization of the employee with the job description of the employee whose duties he will temporarily perform (must be signed);
  • training of the employee in.

It is advisable that the employer prepare and sign an additional agreement on the temporary performance of duties for a colleague who is temporarily absent.

Any employee who has worked for the company for six months can apply for leave. This action is formalized by ordering T-6 or T-6a. Vacation is a social guarantee from the state. All related issues are regulated in Articles 114-128 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

On vacation, the employee retains his job and the average salary, which is paid to him in the form of a calculated amount on the eve of vacation.

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General information

Use uniform forms approved by the State Statistics Committee in Decree No. 1 of 01/05/04 to design a guaranteed rest period for an office worker.

The remaining order is binding paper. Responsible employees use his data to calculate the amount of vacation pay, enter information and create a personal account.

The document must be drawn up no later than 2 weeks before the employee's departure on vacation. This period is set by law. It is necessary to remind the employee of the upcoming event so that he does not forget about it and prepare in advance.

The form of the order to grant leave is legally permissible. The employer has the right to change the structure of the document while keeping the most important details. The adjustments should be anchored in the company's internal rules.

The T-6 form is used to send a person to rest. When a group of workers go on vacation, Form T-6a is used. The order is created by the personnel service. The responsibility for the development lies with the employees of this department or another authorized person.

The order is drawn up on the basis of the vacation schedule of the T-7 form and the requests of the employees.

Documents can be attached to the order:

  • notification call from an educational institution;
  • certificate of incapacity for work;
  • birth certificate of the child;
  • document confirming the experience;
  • other.

For example, a local act of organization provides five days of paid leave in connection with a serious illness or the death of a close relative. In this case, the employee must provide a death certificate or a medical certificate.

When do you need to create a document?

A vacation for an employee consists of the following steps:

  • vacation planning;
  • an employee writing a statement;
  • preparation of an order (based on and application);
  • calculation of payments due.

Order T-6 indicates the legality of the employee's absence from work. It is issued for the following types of vacation:

Reason paidIt is provided annually and consists of 28 calendar days, excluding public holidays. All employees have the right to this type of rest, and those who were hired in the current year - after 12 months of work.

The employee has the right to use the right to vacation before the end of a full year of work. However, there will be fewer vacation days. They are calculated proportionally to the hours worked. An employee can count on peace and quiet after six months of work.

Before six months have elapsed, the following persons have the right to request leave:

  • minors;
  • adoptive parents of a baby up to three months;
  • women before or after the decree.
AdditionallyCertain categories of workers:
  • workers in dangerous industries;
  • students;
  • employees of mines, mines, nuclear power plants;
  • professional athletes and coaches;
  • other things.
Vacation without payMade available at the request of an employee for personal reasons. It's not paid, but it does allow a person to keep a job.

A T-6 form is created for all of the above types of recovery. The document is signed by the manager and the person familiar with the content. The paper is binding for both sides.

If an employee falls ill while on vacation, the remainder is extended by the number of sick days. In this case, the presence of a certificate of incapacity for work is required.

Completing the vacation order form

1 copy of the order is created.

The vacation order form consists of 3 parts:

  • header, contains information about the details of the employer and the primary data of the order;
  • meaningful, reveals the essence of the paper;
  • the issue confirms the legality of the order.

The name of the organization or individual entrepreneur is entered on the top line of the form - the number and the date of filling it out.

This is followed by the employee's data:

  • Full name;
  • personal number;
  • structural unit;
  • position.

There are three sections at the bottom of the document:

The order is signed after verification by the manager and the employee. A grade calculation is attached to the order. It reflects the calculation of the average salary of an employee and the amount of vacation pay an employee receives as a result of his vacation.

Sections of the uniform shape

The T-6 form consists of several sections:

Organization name and codesThe header of any document, including a vacation order, contains the name of the company, the code according to the All-Russian Coder of Business Units () and according to the Classifier of Administrative Documents (OKUD).
Employee informationThis part contains personal information about the employee: full name in the dative case, certificate number.
Structural unit, occupation, positionThis reflects the name of the unit in which the person works. It can be a workshop, a department, a branch, etc. All information is given in the nominative. Abbreviations in words are not allowed.
The working hours for which the vacation is issuedThe countdown to the amount of time the worker should rest starts on the day he starts work. Each next one will begin at a similar time in the following years.
Main vacationIn the order form, the next vacation is indicated in section "A". It shows the start and end dates of the vacation and the number of days. Usually it is equal to 28, but it can be more (for certain groups of people) or less, for example if the vacation is divided into parts or granted before the employee has worked for the company for less than a year.
Extra vacationInformation about him will be entered in section "B" of the order. They reflect the number of days of rest, the dates for the vacation and the end of the vacation, as well as the type of vacation: paid, preferred, unpaid, student, etc.
Total vacationThis is section "B". It indicates the total number of rest days resulting from the number of days and their date indicated in paragraphs "A" and "B".
Signature of the bossThe director or an authorized employee must sign in the column provided. The position and decoding of the signature are set.
Order dateIt is entered in Arabic numerals and corresponds to the date on which the uniform form was signed.
Order numberThe cell is filled out taking into account the form T-6 in the journal of orders of the company.
employee signatureTwo weeks before the vacation, the employee reads the order and then puts his visa on it.

Who signs the order?

The order for the provision of rest periods is signed by the head of the company or a person authorized to do so. The director can take a negative resolution or sign his approval. He has the right to correct some positions in the document if he has objections.

After approval by the director, the order becomes legally binding and cannot be changed. All changes must be made in advance.

A document signed by the head can only be corrected in one way: cancel it on order and prepare another. For example, if an employee in the application asked for good reason to postpone the vacation, the original document will not be corrected but replaced with a new one. The document is not stamped.

You can download forms T-6 and T-6a from the Internet. Their samples are also included in the Resolution of the State Statistics Committee No. 1 dated 01/05/03, and can be viewed and saved on a computer using MS Word text editors.

Document storage

Vacation orders should be stored in the structural units that are responsible for personnel management of the organization. For example in the human resources department. Vacation orders are sewn into special folders for storing personal papers.

The employee's vacation must be formalized in full compliance with recognized standards and norms. It is important to fill out the appropriate form to officially grant leave. The main official paper that records the granting of leave is a specially approved and uniform form T-6. This order is given by the leader.
On site, orders are processed by authorized officials, for example the head of the human resources department.


Specifics of the document

Let's pay attention to the standards by which vacation orders are issued. All relevant documents should be prepared according to the available sample. As a member of the HR department, any other authorized person fills out the order form. Then the form must be submitted for approval. In order for the document to be valid, it is certified by the signature of the head of the organization, department.

Important! If the order has already been approved, the employee also signs. You should also put information about the vacation in the employee's personal card. The data is entered based on the order. In addition, payments may need to be made no later than three days before the first day of vacation.

A list of the papers is also attached to the order. The following official papers are issued:

  • where he writes about his desire to go on vacation.

Notice! The employee is obliged to report the need for vacation in advance. A period has also been established: information will be provided by an employee at least 15 days before the first day of the proposed vacation. Calendar days are taken into account.

There are a number of other documents that can be attached to the order in the form of T-6.

  • Child's birth certificate.
  • Help from an educational institution.
  • Certificate of professional experience.
  • Disability certificate.
  • Close relative's death certificate. It will be needed if the rest is dedicated to the organization of a funeral.

How to properly create an order

Now we will consider in detail how to correctly create an order. First, the date of compilation is given. You need to write down the number of this official document and enter the name of the organization and department.

Orders begin with the phrase "grant leave". It is shown who exactly is going to rest. In the dative, write the employee's surname, name and patronymic. For example: Vakhrusheva Maria Nikolaevna. Then write down the name of the department and the position of the employee in the appropriate fields. State his specialty, his profession. Using a working citizen's personal card as an example, all of the information is as accurate as possible.

Then you need to pay attention to the line that indicates the specific working period. Fill in lines A, B, C according to the type of vacation you are planning. We have the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. According to this, every employee has the opportunity to rest for 28 calendar days each year and receive financial compensation in the process. The problem is decided individually by the manager if the employee has not had time to work for 12 months. For example, bosses are often willing to give their subordinates some paid rest after they have worked for at least 6 months. Then it must be indicated under the letter B. In our example, the most common option is annual basic paid leave (letter A).

Then the document remains to be signed. Not only the manager, but also the employee himself certifies the order with signatures. The document is therefore sent to the accounting and human resources departments it must be issued in duplicate.

Holidays on which wages are not saved

It is very important to correctly prepare such an order, as it plays a huge role not only for reporting, but also for accounting. It must be confirmed that the employee is going on vacation of his own accord and that he is willing to go on vacation at his own expense. In this case, the average earnings are not paid out, that is, the organization does not have to compensate for the downtime.

It is worth noting that it is advisable for an organization to protect itself from the likely claims of employees in advance. It is important to have decent confirmation that the employee has voluntarily requested unpaid leave. Experts advise thinking about the employee's application form.Some companies practice filling out applications for unpaid leave on forms that have already been designed and printed. And the employee only has to sign the finished document. This is not a good solution. Sometimes problems with such statements will arise in the future and employees will seek compensation for downtime and moral harm, citing the invalidity of the statement. It is easy to forge a signature and verify and verify its authenticity.

What should management do? The best thing to do is to ask staff to make their own unpaid leave request. Such a document is already a more reliable confirmation, since the examination will pinpoint the author on the basis of a fairly large handwritten text.

Please note that vacations at your own expense can simply be offered at will and for valid reasons. When an order is created, it must be written in column B: the rest is provided, but payments, salary maintenance are not provided.

Order maternity leave

Remember that again, it is extremely important to place an order correctly. A pregnant worker not only has the opportunity to rest appropriately, but is also entitled to financial compensation. This right is regulated in the RF Labor Code.

The fact of pregnancy, the impending birth of a child is not yet a reason to rest, because everything has to be officially confirmed, a corresponding declaration registered, an order placed.

You create an order for a pregnant woman's vacation on the T-6 form based on a set of papers. The mother-to-be must first submit an application requesting her maternity leave to calculate cash payments. In addition, an official document is required, indicating the planned date of the child's appearance.

A woman has the option to go on vacation 70 calendar days before the child's expected date of birth.

You need a corresponding certificate from a medical institution - a maternity hospital - as well as a certificate of incapacity for work. Every mother-to-be can easily obtain such documents at the facility where her pregnancy is being carried out.

Let us consider some important points. Pay attention to the title of the vacation. It is customary to call it maternity leave, but you must use the official name given in the Labor Code: maternity leave.
This formulation fits in line B.

Then you have to indicate the duration of the vacation. When a woman is pregnant with two or more children, complications arise, it is 192 days. In this case, the standard length of maternity leave is most often used - 140 days. Be sure to include the start and end dates of the vacation.

Often times, women choose to use the period of annual vacation that they have left. It is possible to issue both public holidays in one document T-6. In column A they write about the main leave and then enter data on maternity leave in row B. Thereafter, information on two rest periods is summarized in line C.

T-6 parental leave

A young mother has the opportunity to take a break from work to look after the child. Vacation is paid until the baby is one and a half years old. You have the right to use your vacation at your own expense for up to three years. Payment is not subject to a year and a half.

Point B is completed. The last, first day of rest is displayed, the total period is given in calendar days.

It is important to ensure that evidence is provided.

The child's birth certificate must be presented. A document is required from the place where the spouse works that they did not receive the appropriate parental leave.

If both parents do not rest, the grandparents can say goodbye. In this case, both parents must provide documents from their workplace showing that they did not take the opportunity to rest and care for the child.

In addition, employees arrange vacations followed by dismissal of their own free will. The employer has the right to grant financial compensation for the vacation, but not the vacation itself.

Where can I download the T-6 order form (relevant for 2018)?

A vacation order is an administrative document that grants employees in an organization vacation time. Vacation can be: annual paid, additional paid, unpaid vacation, vacation related to pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing.

In every organization there is after which workers are sent to rest. Registration of vacation requires the following actions:

1) Vacation request from the employee

2) Issuing a vacation order based on an employee's request

3) Calculation of vacation and other payments

A vacation order is created in the T-6 form (for an employee) and in the T-6a form (for a group of employees). You can also develop your own order form.

Instructions for filling

The top line contains the name of the organization or the individual entrepreneur (for example, LLC "Morkov" or individual entrepreneur Sergeev P.P.). Next we enter the individual document number and the date of its creation.

Section a. To be completed if the employee takes annual paid leave (length of leave, start and end date).

Section b. To be filled in for other types of vacation (duration, start and end dates).

Section b. The total duration of the vacation is indicated taking into account the dates in sections A and B.

The order is signed by the head of the organization and handed over to the employee for training.

-Order for vacation (form T6 and T6a) - an administrative document on the granting of vacation to employees or the management of the organization. This article will tell you how to write a vacation order, what forms to use and how to fill them out correctly. At the end of the article you can download the completed sample order form T-6 as well as the forms T-6 and T-6a.

The Labor Code of the Russian Federation gives workers the opportunity to go on vacation. It can be annual paid leave as well as leave related to pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing, and the leave can be paid in addition and without alimony. Whatever the vacation is, it needs to be documented.

First of all, it is compiled annually, whereby we send employees to rest.

The first step in registering a vacation is for an employee to write a vacation request. We read correctly how that works.

The second step is to create a vacation order based on the employee's application.

The third step is to calculate vacation pay, benefits (for example) and other payments related to vacation.

Let's take a closer look at the second step.

A vacation order is issued using the standard form T-6 (when granting vacation to an employee) and T-6a (when granting vacation to a group of employees). You can also create an order form yourself, but it is much easier to use a pre-made form. How do I correctly fill out a vacation order in the T-6 form?

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An example of filling out a vacation order (Form T-6 and T6a)

The order has a standard form that includes the name of the organization, the number and the date of the order. In this case, the date is the day the employee goes on vacation.

  • We indicate to whom we offer vacation: full name, personnel number, department, position.
  • We also enter the working hours for which the vacation is granted.
  • Next, you need to decide what type of vacation the employee will be taking. When the employee is sent to the next paid employee, we fill out Section A and indicate the length of the vacation, as well as the start and end dates.
  • Other types of vacation are listed in Section B - the name of the vacation and its duration are indicated.
  • The head signs and approves the order and the document is handed over to the employee for training.

Information is entered based on this order