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India: The Poona School and Home for blind, Pune (IB VAP Kassel)

Program: Voluntary Services

Job description
The Poona School and the home for blind boys and girls offer all children, regardless of their caste or social background, a program in which every child can and should develop according to their abilities.
The facilities for girls and boys are separate and each consist of a boarding school with an attached training center. The children and adolescents live in boarding school during the school year and return to their families during the holidays, most of whom come from rural areas.
The younger children receive schooling and physiotherapy. The young people work in the training centers in various workshops and with computers.

Activity in the deployment site
The volunteers teach English in the higher grades and in the training center. They also support physiotherapy and offer swimming courses. Occasionally, excursions are also organized and carried out. Depending on the interests and talent, volunteers have already built tree houses, laid out a garden and a soccer field, laid out touch fields and designed clay tiles
Accommodation and catering
The volunteers live in self-organized volunteer shared apartments in Pune. Catering takes place in the facilities during working hours, otherwise self-catering.

Experience in child and youth work, preferably also in working with people with visual impairments, talent in manual and creative activities. It is recommended to study Braille and to learn basic terms of the regional language Marathi.
Currently only female volunteers are used in the Girls School.

German IB mentor in India. Three-day introductory seminar on arrival.

Funding program


1-2 female volunteers

If you are interested, please apply online:

We still have free places for our introductory seminar on June 13th, 2019 and will be happy to invite you after we have received your application.
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