What are the best food blogs of 2010 11

The Munich platform Isarnetz, an association of Munich companies, startups and associations, recently presented its local blog award again. Almost 60 authors actually applied for the "Food Blogs" category. This shows: Munich is something like the German capital of food bloggers, because there are so many digital magazines about eating, drinking and eating out at home and when traveling nowhere else, even if blogs are difficult to delimit geographically.

Food blogs are actually easy to do, thinks the layperson: You go to the restaurant with an expensive camera, take pictures of the food as soon as it comes to the table, the manager invites you because you are reporting, then you write something on the Internet and By the way, earns a lot of money with advertising banners on your own homepage.

That’s the theory. In practice everything is a bit more complicated. Very few bloggers can actually make a living from their blog; In addition, one must not be afraid of commerce, and it does not work entirely without compromises. But many just don't want to compromise because they still see their blog as a hobby and don't want to lower their standards.

An everyday term like "delicious" in connection with food or drinks would never get out of your keyboard. This is still different with many food blogs, but there are also a number of very professionally made online appearances that need not shy away from comparison with classic food journalism.

The Munich blogger Dorothee Beil, for example, always wanted to be a cook, but could not have done this job for health reasons: "Long standing would be difficult for me." This is how she lives out her passion on the computer with her blog "Bushcooks kitchen", which has been around for six years. Before that, she was in the forums of the chefkoch.de platform, which were numerous at the time, in a community of very ambitious amateur cooks.

"But at some point the others found us too arrogant," she says frankly, "because we said: Bruschetta, lasagna and tiramisu are not a menu yet." Almost exactly six years ago she started her own blog and since then has been posting recipes with great regularity: "I come from cooking, not blogging." A nice reward for her now is that from April she will also be able to eat her dishes for two months in the ICE on-board restaurants: The train is doing a year-long campaign with food from bloggers from all over Germany, and Dorothee Beil is allowed to make the start.

The former television journalist Harald Scholl has a whole series of jobs to thank for his blog "Tellerschubser.de". But that was also the reason why he started it. Because he works as a journalist on the subjects of food and drink, especially on the subject of wine. "For rent" he has a second job in the Weinreich wine shop in Isarvorstadt, otherwise he mainly works as a freelance journalist, mostly for magazines.

"For me, the blog is a wonderful marketing tool for my actual job," he says. Because of the "plate pusher", clients from the industry have often approached him. "These are, for example, large companies, for whose own blogs I should in turn write articles." It is important to maintain your own publication platform regularly, says Scholl: "I am already busy eight to ten hours a week."

Petra Hammerstein is also one of the harder working people in Munich's blogger landscape. Her main job is her family's secondhand bookshop on Türkenstrasse, and in 2010 her boyfriend said to her: "Make a blog about it." But she thought that ten to twelve hours of second-hand bookshop a day was enough and directed her urge to communicate in the direction of her great passions: cooking, eating and drinking. Her blog "The Courage of Others" is doing quite well, with around 3000 page views a day.

That is also a pound that you can grow with if you want to have an appointment somewhere with a producer or a restaurant: "They then see that it is good for them too, because more people than just me find out about it." She especially likes to take care of "the less popular pieces of meat" on her blog, such as the oxtail or the pork neck ridge or the breast core. It is now becoming a very classic book, a meat cookbook that will be published in August. In this way, the digital and the analog grow together again.