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Your thoughts determine your reality. If you accept that, you will have the most powerful tool to shape your life the way you want it, always with you. It sits between your two ears. And works around the clock. For you or against you. How are you Which sentences determine your life? Are they those that encourage you or those that discourage you?

There are many terms for these wonderful phrases that will help you to become more fulfilled and content. Use the power of mantras, the power of positive affirmations for yourself and your life.

But where do mantras originally come from? What effect can they have? Why should you find some for yourself? And above all: How does it even work? I will provide you with answers to all of these questions in my article. And imagine 30 powerful mantras that will help you to strengthen confidence in yourself, that motivate you, promote your serenity or help you when you are in a crisis and your negative feelings overwhelm you. The most popular and strongest of these mantras are available for you to download for free - so that you always have them with you and can use them for you. Whenever you need it.

Strong words with an ancient tradition

Mantras have been used for millennia to focus the mind and heal the soul. The word mantra comes from the Sanskrit language of ancient India. Loosely translated it means "that which protects those who have received it" or a "means of thinking that leads to liberation". "Manas" refers to your entire world of emotions and thoughts and "tra" means something like "protecting or saving". And that is exactly what a mantra is for. It's supposed to protect you from negative thoughts. By building a real protective shield around your positive emotional world with the help of the mantra. And connect yourself to your wisdom and the wisdom of the universe.

In both Hinduism and Buddhism, mantras are incorporated into prayer in order to release certain energies. Mantras are chanted or repeated repeatedly. This creates an even rhythm that permeates your entire body. The sound vibration has a profound effect that cannot be described by the mind.

You probably know the most famous syllable even if you have nothing to do with spirituality: the "Om". Once you have repeatedly "sung" the "Om" yourself, you will clearly feel how the vibration of the syllable relaxes your body and spreads a sense of wellbeing. I know that at least from my few yoga experiences.

Just an old custom? Or: what you get out of it!

If you've been following me for a while, you'll know that I'm not the type of person who sits on the prayer pillow and chants to myself every day. (Chanting, by the way, is the sung repetition of the mantras.) And yet I use the power of mantras - in a way that is useful and practicable for me. Because even without long meditations or prayers, mantras can be like a Lucky magnet Act.

Mantras are especially helpful in situations where you are anxious, depressed, or feeling angry. In those moments when you want to encourage yourself, build yourself up and motivate yourself.

There are just enough days when somehow nothing goes as it should. You probably know that too. Days when everything just goes wrong. You get up, smack your toe on the bedside table and while you look at the clock you realize that you have overslept. Shit, now the shower, which is actually the first moment of relaxation of the day for you, has to be dealt with very quickly. Hush hush, jumped into the car. At work you find out that your colleague is sick and that you have twice as much on your cheek today. Great, now you can forget and cancel the relaxed evening with your husband. You were so looking forward to it.

In situations like this, it often happens that your feelings get overwhelmed. You feel disappointment and anger that today, of all times, everything comes together at once. It can happen that you get further and further into it and can no longer get out of your negative spiral of emotions. Especially when such days pile up.

What you think will also come true

The more your brain has thoughts, the easier it is for your brain to keep having those thoughts over and over again. Without this principle it would not be possible for us humans to learn anything. But if you have got used to having negative thoughts more often, then they will repeat themselves over and over again. And so take possession of you bit by bit. So that you no longer think of them as thoughts that create certain feelings, but rather as reality. And then your life becomes one that is determined by fear, anger, disappointment or listlessness and sadness. That has nothing to do with a fulfilled life, but absolutely nothing at all.

For example, did you know that we repeat our thoughts 90% of the day? Unbelievable? In the vast majority of cases, these thoughts are unfortunately negative and so it happens that you think about something negative much more often than about something positive. No wonder that you often don't feel the way you want it to be.

Mantras are expressions of the desired state

This is where the mantras come in.

We psychologists call them “positive affirmations”. Through them you can consciously influence your thoughts. And create a world full of positive thoughts for you. Scientific studies and your life experience show how closely thoughts, feelings and actions are related. That is why positive affirmations have such power.They help you believe in your potential. A good development for you.

If you put into words what you want, what you want in your life, then it will be easier for you to "reprogram" your thinking apparatus between your ears. The more often you say something positive and encouraging to yourself during the day, the easier it will be for you (your brain) to keep having this thought over and over again. So you automatically feel happier and also a little freer from your negative thoughts.

I heard the story of Lisa Nichols the other day. She is a bestselling author and multimillion dollar business owner. In the video, she told of the time when her husband was badly abusing her, of the breakup and the moment when her doctor diagnosed her with severe clinical depression. She asked for 30 days without drug treatment, which the doctor had strongly recommended. During those 30 days, not only did she talk to herself in the mirror every day, but she paved her whole house with positive affirmations. With sentences that encouraged her. With sentences that express how valuable it is. At the end of the 30 days she began therapy, but no more medication. Because she was feeling a lot better. THAT is the power of positive affirmations.

Julia Engelmann put it so nicely in grapefruit:

“And you know, things come true when you say them often enough. She says often enough that today will be a beautiful day. "

30 mantras for every situation

The following 30 mantras should help you to make things come true - regardless of your mood or life situation.

How you use them is up to you.

It can be helpful to concentrate fully on them. This means that, if possible, you simply take yourself out of the situation you are in right now and close your eyes. Then you can slowly breathe in and out. And again on and off. Say your mantra to yourself between each inhale and exhale. Then breathe in and out again. Repeat this five to ten times - as it feels right for you. And you will notice: you will approach the matter much more relaxed.

If you're more of the visual type, then I can only recommend yourTo print out favorite mantra and hang it on your bathroom mirror, for example. In this way you will recall your suitable mantra again and again and it will be much easier for you to remember it in difficult situations in which it can help you. I have prepared the best 11 of the 30 mantras for you as gifts <3.

Another possibility could be that you write down or even draw your mantra once, twice or even more often every day. This means that the sentence sticks to you even better and will almost automatically always be available for you. And not just on a purely cognitive level. Feel what happens in you and with you when you say this sentence. Feel its power.

Every person is different. So it is best to check for yourself how you can best incorporate mantras into your everyday life.

Your new resolution: stay tuned

At first, the whole thing may feel a little strange to you. After all, we don't mumble the same sentence to ourselves every day. But I can only advise you one thing - also from my own experience: it pays to stay tuned!

Just like with the resolution to do more sport or to meet up with your best friend more often, you also need a lot of perseverance with the resolution to give yourself courage and positive thoughts. Over time it will be easier for you to write down your mantra or to mumble to yourself and you will notice how much more happiness hormones you will instill in your body ...

5 mantras for when you are hit by an emotional low

There are times when it is difficult to get the best from things. Then it is important to have compassion for yourself. For your personal happiness path, it is important that you do not sink completely into self-pity or get caught up in your negative feelings and thoughts. These mantras will help you to get out of your hole and regain confidence in life:

  • "It is like it is."
  • "There is always something good, I just have to see it."
  • "I am grateful for all the problems that I don't have."
  • "In the end everything will be fine. And if it's not good yet, it's not the end. "
  • "I can endure unpleasant things."

7 mantras when you doubt yourself

Being satisfied and at peace with yourself is a lot harder than it sounds. Surely you also know those moments when you let your inner critic shout too loud and in return make you feel small. It is soooo important to appreciate yourself in order to live fulfilled and mentally strong. To make your inner nonsense smaller, the following mantras can help you.

  • "I am enough."
  • "I am beautiful inside and out."
  • "I am glad that I am here."
  • "I've achieved a lot in my life."
  • "I am worth something."
  • "I breathe in self-confidence and exhale fears and doubts."
  • "I am unique. And I appreciate this uniqueness. "

6 mantras when you lack inner strength

One topic that I come across again and again in my coaching sessions is the lack of inner strength. By this I mean the resilience that helps you deal with things that cause stress or prevent you from achieving a goal. Resilience is the magic word here. However, because life does not come without hurdles, obstacles and crises, you need mental strength to lead a happy life. With these mantras you connect with your inner strength:

  • "Everything I experience makes me grow."
  • "What I don't have will not spoil everything I have."
  • "I accept what life gives me."
  • "I can not always control what happens - but how I deal with it."
  • "I am my own hero."
  • "Where there is fear, there is the way."

7 mantras when you lack serenity and the volcano is about to erupt

Probably everyone knows these moments: someone quickly jostles in front of you in the already long queue. Only to snatch the last donut from under your nose. It's not always easy for you to stay calm. But unfortunately there are so many things that we just can't change. Other people who make us angry or situations that make the volcano boil in us. These mantras can help you to come down a littleand to let go of the negative feelings of anger in such moments:

  • "Don't get angry, just wonder."
  • "I free myself from my feelings."
  • "I am calm deep inside me."
  • "I breathe in and relax my body, I breathe out and smile."
  • "I don't mind that at all."
  • "I am ready to forgive."
  • "I am clever, wise and kind."

5 mantras, when your motivation is completely down again

Whether it's the resolution to do more sport or to meet up with your best friend more often. At some point there is a point where your motivation to work towards a certain goal is completely flat again. And it's really hard for you to nurse her back up. But motivation is the most essential component that helps you achieve your goals. That in turn makes you happier. That's why I recommend the following mantras to you when the time comes again and you can use a motivation boost:

  • "I celebrate my successes."
  • "I say 'yes' to new adventures."
  • "Change takes patience and persistence."
  • "If Plan A doesn't work, the alphabet still has 25 other letters."
  • "I can do it and I will do it."

My present for you

I would like to give you 11 of the mantras as beautiful postcards that I designed for you <3. In my Facebook group “Mentally strong and happy living” was a vote last week and there the wonderful members of my small and fine community decided which mantras I should translate graphically into postcards. Your wish was my command :-)! For example, if you hang it over the kitchen table or on your mirror, you can look back at your favorite mantra every morning to make it even easier to remember. You can of course also take it with you to your workplace and hang it on the screen, for example.

Just download it right now for free.

If you feel like it, please share a photo on Instagram or Facebook where you hung the mantra. Make sure to tag me, then I can react to it. On Instagram you can use the hashtag # meinmantrafürmehrerfüllung for this.

A mantra that suits me

It is important that you choose a mantra that suits you. It may be that you now say: "Somehow I have the feeling that the right thing is not yet here."

No problem.

You can create a mantra for yourself that feels authentic to you. The only important thing is that it stimulates your encouraging thoughts and protects you from negative thoughts.

As a first step, think about the situation in which you could use a mantra. Do you just want to be calmer in some moments? Or do you rather need a mantra that builds you up?

Formulate a goal and find a phrase that will bring you closer to that goal. Would you like to meet your girlfriend more often? “I'm investing more time in my relationships” could be a form of affirmation that goes with it. Be creative and above all: stay true to yourself and tell yourself what feels good to you.

You should also be aware of which phrase suits you best. Some people find it easier to formulate their thoughts in the "I-form" in order to be able to implement them better. But you can also run the risk of giving your inner critic too much space. For example, when you say to yourself, "I am a wonderful person." Perhaps a voice will pop up in you right away that doubts that. Then try what your inner critical voice can say yes to. Perhaps to start with, “All people are valuable. That includes me, too. ”That you will later express yourself more strongly only in relation to yourself.

You can write down different sentences that are suitable for you and say them to yourself. You will automatically find out which type of formulation suits you better and which perhaps helps you less.

You are your own teacher

I would be interested if you can use one of the mantras for yourself. Or did you even find one for yourself before? Which mantra currently accompanies you through your life? Feel free to share your experiences under this article. Simply scroll all the way down, leave a comment and be happy because you shared an impulse from yourself with the world. Exactly this impulse or this thought may help someone else who is reading this article <3.

PS: Sharing is caring: If you liked the article and it helped, share it now with your loved ones and with all people who the knowledge can also help. Thank-you!

PSS: Before I “let you go” on your own mantra, I want to come back to the origin of mantras. Do you remember that mantras were originally syllables sung repeatedly from Buddhist prayers? Perhaps you also want to hear what an original mantra sung sounds like. Then I have two links for you here:

In this video you can sing along to the mantras. They help you to set your body in positive vibrations and I personally found the music and singing to be very relaxing:

If explanations of the individual mantras are important to you - where they come from and what they are supposed to do, then these singing examples can be helpful.

As a coach and trainer, Ulrike Bossmann has been helping people like you to go through life more relaxed, relaxed and with more joy for many years. On her blog at soulsweet.de you will get specific tips on coping with stress and building your resilience, but also practical suggestions on how you can use the findings of positive psychology to be more content and happier in your life.
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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. Everything bad becomes less and less.
    This is my mantra that has helped me.

  2. Dear Ulrike,
    Thank you very much for this great article! He really inspired me.
    My current mantra is: My life flows with love and ease.

    By the way, I also like to use “question mantras”, which means that I make a positive question out of it. This works particularly well with mantras that my inner critic formulates against.

    Lots of love, Antje

    • Dear Antje,

      with all my heart. Nice that you feel inspired. This is so important for us to go our way! Your mantra is very, very beautiful. I find it very powerful and the love and lightness to invite seems more valuable for all of our lives <3.

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