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Heyy, I've got 40. Facts about Jungkook enjoy reading and Let's go.

1. His real name is Jeon Jeong-Guk

2. He was born in Busan, South Korea

3. He was born on September 1, 1997

4. He has a big brother named Jeon Jung-hyun

5. His best known nicknames are Golden Maknae, Kookie & Jungkookie

6. His favorite colors are red, black & white

7. He loves shoes and makeup

8. His hobbies are drawing and skateboarding

9. Jungkook is the strongest from BTS

10. After 8th grade he went to BTS

11. He loves pork soup with rice & everything that has to do with flour

12. His role model is G-Dragon from BigBang

13. He takes the longest in the bathroom

14. He's always the messiest .-.

15. After leaving the talent show Superstar K, he had 7 offers from various companies, but he went to BTS because he was enthusiastic about the rap from RapMonster

16. If he was a girl, he would date Jin

17. He likes girls who are shorter than him (he is 1.78 m)

18. His favorite number is 1

19. He has a dog named Gureum

20. He would like to visit Australia one day

21. Jungkook wanted to leave BTS, but Jimin persuaded him to stay

22. In 10 years Jungkook wants to own a duck meat restaurant or be a tattoo artist

23. He doesn't like alcohol

24. His dad smokes and Kookie tries to make him quit (Ayy cute: hearts:)

25. When he sees a beautiful girl, he wants to move on

26. His blood group is blood group A

27. J-Hope once said that the only things he does when he's home are eat cereal and play video games

28.Jungkook and V once said they always have a lot of fun together (Vkook)

29. Kookie likes to go swimming with the other members

30. When he starts to eat, he can no longer stop because his hunger remains (unfortunately I know; -;)

31. When Jungkookie receives a message, he often forgets to write back

32. He is good at karate

33. Jungkook likes Sanji the most from the anime "One Piece"

34. BTS sometimes calls him "Muscle Pig"

35. When in China he wants to see the Great Wall of China and eat Peking Duck

36. He likes sad songs

37. Jungkook is right-handed (everyone from BTS is right-handed only V not)

38. Jungkook doesn't like being called 'Oppa'

39. Kookie wants to meet Troye Sivan one day

40. Jungkook loves to take pictures of V, he probably has 100 pictures of him: hearts:

So that was 40 facts about Junkook I hope you enjoyed them and you know more about him c: Is there anything that applies to you a lot? Yes? Write it in the comments c: If I want to know more about V, take a look at the 40 facts about V c; Thanks for reading and have a nice day