What is a life without motivation

Self-motivation in everyday life: with 5 effective motivational tips for more drive

Don't get out of bed in the morning, don't feel like it anymore by lunchtime and don't get going after work - this is how it goes for millions of people every day. But it doesn't have to be, because one can learn self-motivation. With these as simple as effective tips train you self-motivation in everyday life - for more success in your job and satisfaction in life.

1. Set yourself clear goals

Of course, if you want to motivate yourself, you should know what for. So the first step in learning self-motivation is to do the work out your own goals and to be as specific as possible. Of course, the prerequisite is that you really want to achieve these goals. So concentrate on goals that are attractive to you and worth striving for. If you have these goals in mind - and you should constantly keep these goals in mind - then self-motivation in everyday life will be much easier for you.

2. Focus on your feelings

Concentrating on feelings when trying to motivate yourself for the job? What may sound like a contradiction in terms to some makes perfect sense. Because: Emotions are much more powerful than rational decisions. If you can manage that positive emotionsthat can result, for example, from the achievement of a specific goal that you are currently working on, to access and feel, then this can have a tremendously motivating effect. Imagine satisfaction, joy or pleasure and make use of these feelings for self-motivation in your job, but also in other areas. The same principle can be applied to many larger and smaller moments in everyday life.

3. Be aware of successes

Why do you want to motivate yourself? Probably to more quality of life and to be able to achieve goals that you have set yourself more easily. In doing so, you will continuously achieve smaller and larger goals in your private and professional everyday life, maybe even without noticing it. We often make the mistake of only appreciating the supposedly big goals. But if you make yourself aware that you can get things moving during your daily work and that you achieve a “self-confidence” about your own work and its benefits, then this can already contribute significantly to self-motivation in everyday life.

4. Save the vacation in everyday life

Especially after a nice, stress-free vacation, many find it difficult to motivate themselves for work and the accustomed life at home. The tension between everyday life and vacation screams to integrate more “vacation activities” into everyday life. With these tips you can achieve your personal work-life balance and learn self-motivation.

5. Start the day motivated

It helps many people to start the day with a fixed morning ritual. What that for you best morning ritual you have to find out for yourself, because it is very closely linked to individual preferences and needs. A morning ritual can be, for example, listening to mood-enhancing music, making and enjoying a certain drink (e.g. a smoothie), jogging or practicing yoga or a combination of all of these - find out and use the positive impulses . With a morning ritual you can start the day strengthened and optimistic.

Self-motivation in everyday life: learning it is feasible, mastering them an art that can change your life. Try it, it's worth it!

Photo source: (c) iStockphoto.com/phototechno