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Save me7 ultimate saving tips

Money doesn't make you happy, but it's somehow better to have it. That's why editor-in-chief Leila reveals 7 ultimate tips on how you can save a decent amount of money in a jiffy.

Money makes, as is well known, the world go round. In order to do justice to our society, we would all have to earn at least a six-figure amount per month. The reality looks different, however, because most of them often slip into the red at the end of the month.

There is another bag there, another Fiirabig-Cüpli after work, and ideally something to eat right away - expenses over expenses. Who doesn't know it? So that this never happens again, but you still don't have to go without everything, you should get this 7 tips for saving take to heart.

Ultimate tips for saving in everyday life:

1Define enough new

More more more! There is no longer enough. We're drowning in plenty. So remember - what do you really need? And above all, what do you really need to be happy? Do not compare yourself to those who have everything, but to those who have nothing. You will see, with this clever savings tip, you will have enough of everything in no time.

2Pay for the timeless

Only buy things that you know you won't get sick of after three weeks. From clothes to shoes and jewelry to furniture and decoration. Instead, pay attention to where things come from and focus on quality instead of quantity.

When you become aware of the circumstances under which numerous products were produced, you will suddenly no longer feel like doing it - I promise!

3 Fuck fast fashion

Ask yourself what it takes to join every trend? You won't get cuter, more beautiful and certainly not more unique. So stop spending tons of money on fast fashion in your everyday life in order to do justice to our consumer society.

The same applies here; Quality before quantity. You are not only doing something good for your wallet, but also for our planet.

4Stop shopping online

If you want to consume, please get up from your couch, get on the tram and go to the store. If you are looking specifically for things, have the money in hand and have to say “Merci, I bet just lying” 100 times, you think twice about how important the 20th white T-shirt really is.

5Set a daily budget

When the wages are in the account and the bills have been paid, divide the remaining amount of your wages by the number of days until the next wage. Voilà! Now you know how much is available to you every day and you don't risk a minus on your account at the end of the month.

6open a savings account without a debit card

Freeze part of your wages. To do this, you simply open a savings account without a debit card. In this way you free yourself from the irresistible temptation to succumb to the huge range of things. Even if you only pay in a small amount every month, you will be amazed at how quickly a decent pillow piles up.

Saving money can be so easy!

7 ask for more wages!

It could also be that you poor swallower simply earn too little and therefore have no more cash. If that is the case, pinch yourself in the Füdli, go to your boss and ask for more wages!

You can find out how to do this here:

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