What recipes require avocados

Avocado - recipes, tips and everything about the power fruit

Avocado can be used in many ways in the kitchen and has a lot to offer in terms of nutrients. The best thing to do is to look out for the pear-shaped fruits immediately. We have put together tips for shopping, storage and of course delicious avocado recipes for you. From invigorating green power smoothies to guacamole to fantastic veggie bowls, everything is included!

Slicing avocado - how does that work?

Have you ever tried peeling an avocado like a pear? Better leave it - the fruit is sure to slip out of your hand and slide all over the kitchen floor. It is much more efficient to halve the fruit lengthways after washing, twist the halves slightly against each other and then pull them apart. Carefully knock a sharp knife into the avocado core and pull it out by moving the knife back and forth. Now you can take a spoon and scrape out the pulp. Depending on whether you need slices or pieces, you can "pre-cut" these in the fruit. On a pomegranate smoothie bowl, for example, avocado wedges look particularly appetizing. Was the whole thing too complicated for you? This video explains very clearly how to cut avocado.

Tacos, pasta and bowls - recipes with avocado

Avocados are not only a delicious treat for smoothie fans and bowl lovers! Try Mexican chicken tacos - fiery hearty and just the thing when friends announce themselves for dinner. Simply serve the individual ingredients in pretty bowls, so every guest can roll their own tortilla - almost a little adventure! Pasta with tuna, tomatoes and avocado tastes just as delicious. Even if the combination sounds unusual at first, give the ingredients a chance and feel like you're on vacation in the South Pacific. If, on the other hand, you want Hawaiian flair on your plate, then try the vegetarian poke bowl with tofu. After consuming this colorful veggie dream, you will literally shine Inside! And everything you need for preparation is one single food processor - the KRUPS Prep & Cook! You can also use it to prepare the delicious tuna poke bowl with teriyaki sauce and completely indulge in Asian indulgence.

Avocado smoothie and sweet recipes

Do you struggle to get going in the morning? An invigorating, green smoothie gives you energy for the day and supplies your body with valuable fluids in the morning. Prepared in the vacuum blender, you do not lose any important vitamins and you can also take another smoothie portion with you to the office - for the afternoon low or if the lunch break is too short. As a sweet avocado recipe, sweet avocado cream with strawberry compote is the perfect dessert after a long day - best spooned in a bathrobe while watching a good movie! The small lime and avocado cheesecakes are also a real feel-good dish - desiccated coconut, shortbread biscuits and cream cheese speak for themselves.

Guacamole - the popular avocado dip

You surely know the green dip that tortilla chips, sweet potato fries and vegetable sticks like to roll in. All you need to make a really good guacamole is an avocado, the juice of a lime, a dash of oil, and salt and pepper to flavor - one of the most popular avocado recipes. It is also rumored that Americans get the most hand injuries during the Super Bowl. Why? Guacamole dip is at the event So popular that many avocados have to believe in it - and unfortunately so do inexperienced hands when removing the kernel. Thank goodness you now know how to cut your avocado safely and you can hardly wait to finally enjoy the full-bodied fruit!

The laurel plant

Incidentally, from a botanical point of view, the avocado is a berry and originally comes from the tropical rainforests of Mexico and Central America. Officially, it is neither a vegetable nor a salad, but a berry fruit. In Germany, the import of this exotic fruit has increased almost fivefold in the last ten years. Understandable, because avocados are not only delicious, they also provide important unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, fiber and even antioxidants: as a source of folic acid, vitamin K, potassium and vitamin E, the fruits are unbeatable! The fats in the avocado have anti-inflammatory and positive effects on our cardiovascular system. So there is no reason to spurn the fruit for fear of calories. Especially since it fills you up for a long time and contains the enzyme lipase, which even stimulates fat burning. It is particularly healthy in the form of an antioxidant smoothie with kale and coconut water.

Mindful enjoyment is recommended!

Admittedly, under the aspect of sustainability, the power fruit does not cut a good figure. Raising them requires strong irrigation and takes long transport routes to reach us. This means that you should enjoy the delicious fruit and delicious avocado recipes very carefully. At the same time, it is advisable to pay attention to the origin, between September and May they sometimes do not just come out Overseas but also from Spain. Incidentally, in Germany the green stars can only be grown in a greenhouse and it takes about eight years for a tree to bear fruit for the first time.

Avocado shopping and storage tips

Now you're standing in front of the fruit and vegetable shelf and don't know how to recognize a ripe fruit? Take the avocado in your hand and apply light pressure to the skin - if it gives way, it is ripe. But be careful, if it can be deeply indented, then it is usually overripe. You can also remove the stem from the top of the avocado - if this is easy, the fruit is ready to eat. The color underneath, which should shimmer yellowish-green, also provides information. If it's brown, you'd better put the overripe fruit back. Of course, you can also intentionally buy the fruit unripe if you want to eat it later. It is best to store them next to a few apples to allow the ripening gas ethylene to take effect, or to wrap them in newspaper. Stay away from the fridge! The cold stops the ripening process.

Looking for more avocado recipes? Then try the colorful chicken salad with avocado and creamy mango yoghurt dressing!