Which book is best for beginners to C ++

C ++ for Beginners: Book Recommendations

C ++ for beginners: with the right specialist books, you too can become a professional!

If you are a beginner who wants to learn C ++ programming properly, it is best to do so with the help of a suitable specialist book. Programming books and especially C ++ are a dime a dozen, so it is important to choose the right and suitable book. We will help here by listing some recommended books on the subject of C ++ programming. In particular, we also indicate the preferred target group for each book, i.e. whether it is aimed at absolute programming beginners or whether general programming experience is required.

If you are an absolute beginner who has no programming experience and now wants to start with C ++, in our opinion the book is for you "Introduction to C ++" most suitable. No previous knowledge is required and with the purchase of the book you already receive a development environment on the book CD. The book does without advanced topics such as concurrency and GUI programming, but these topics are rather unsuitable for absolute beginners anyway. It is important first to be introduced to the general way of thinking of a programmer and then to the characteristics of C ++.

Anyone who has at least rudimentary prior knowledge of programming in general can switch to one of the other suggested books. In particular the book "The C ++ programmer: learn C ++" is characterized by the fact that (of course later in the book) advanced topics such as concurrency, GUI and database programming are mentioned after the "basic topics" have been thoroughly discussed. The book is therefore particularly suitable for C ++ beginners who already have general programming knowledge.