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Really bad customer service

I expressly rate the customer service here and not the delivery methods. I was never dissatisfied with them. In December I was promised to appeal on my behalf against an incorrectly overcharged customs fee. Various inquiries by e-mail or by phone were either not answered or answered evasively ("sure - has the highest priority" - "sorry, I'll tell my colleague, he'll do it tomorrow" - "what's it about again"). In the end, 3 months later, I received the answer from elsewhere within 5 minutes that I didn't have to let Fedex do it, I could take care of it myself and get an explanation of the exact procedure. Nobody from Fedex told me THAT in the whole 3 months. By the way, Fedex charges fees if you make the appeal! Is there perhaps a connection ???

Created on 03.03.2020 by Claudia

0 stars are still too many!

FedEx is the biggest juice store you can imagine. Despite the postponement of the delivery date to Wednesday, a delivery attempt was made on Tuesday. Today, Wednesday, nobody came anymore. Calling customer service resulted in a succinct "I'm sorry and want to have another day". When I got a little pissed off, the employee just hung up ...
Has it happened to me for the third time that my parcels arrive late, allegedly a delivery attempt was made, I could not be found (although I was at home in the home office) etc. I took half a day off the other times to be present his and the doorbell never rang.
I have no words for this lousy non-service. It is a mystery to me how this company can survive. Incompetent to the power of ten.

Created on 02/26/2020 by Claudia

25 kg of dog food is too heavy

Delivery date 13.2. not adhered to (allegedly address not complete, but not telephoned) today's alternative date not kept (allegedly at 9:15 am: untruth); third date 17.2. ? --- The last delivery of dog food had already been put back into the warehouse without notice. For a late delivery that I complained about, I had given the messenger a tip of 5 € - but obviously everything doesn't help.

Created on 02/14/2020 by Dieter

impossible behavior of the driver

The driver arrives in the morning 1.5 hours before the pick-up date and says he has no time at lunchtime ... urgently needed protective equipment for a hospital in China is left lying around for the weekend ... never again !!!

Created on 02/08/2020 by A Richter

Very unreliable company

My parcel has been in Cologne since January 8th, 2020, until today there has been no information for almost 20 days, customer service responses are very different from customer service people, I've been using fedex for many years, but now I find fedex always worse than the past. Stay away from fedex

Created on 01/25/2020 by Enmy

Invoice never received and now threat of debt enforcement

I never received an invoice from Fedex because they wrote the wrong address on the letter.
And now I get mail from a debt collection company with the threat of debt enforcement.
I don't think that's right at all.

Created on 01/22/2020 by Patrick Schurter

bad service and currier

I waited 3 months for my letter, the letter was already in Germany for 2 months, but they have no driver to deliver home, I do not recommend. Very, very bad entrepreneur.

Created on 01/06/2020 by javed younis aamer