What can you expect from your life?

When I stop expecting something, my life changes

Last update: August 24, 2017

I take life, my life, rather as it comes. For a few days now, one of my everyday tasks has been to try to consciously say goodbye to my illusions or eternal promises and also to the thought of what feelings they trigger in me and what they are doing to my life. I have noticed that I have wasted way too much energy trying to see myself in future situations I wish for. I just focused too much on what is tomorrow.

So I decided to stop waiting for anything in my life and expecting anything from myself. As soon as you have decided that for yourself, a big stone falls from your heart and your soul only really begins to blossom. In general let us concentrate on how we have to live without realizing that we are only living under conditions and actually not really. We lock up our soul and make it a prisoner of our conditions.

So one day I made up my mind to put aside all the thoughts about myself, what I expected of myself, and all my illusions. I decided to stop living in a self-created bubble of expectation to let these burst and savor every moment to the fullest instead of always expecting something.

“What has passed is passed; what you expect has not yet happened; but the present is yours. "

Arabic proverb

Have no more expectations of others

So I no longer wanted to expect anything from others. Because it is not always easy for others to appreciate you, for your partner to understand you, for you to understand yourself at all and for others to trust you, your potential and your know-how. I learned that the most important thing is that I believe in myself and Do not expect anything in return when I do something, I do it because I just like to do it.

Don't wait for financial wealth in your everyday life

It used to be important to me to amass a lot of money as a result of great career opportunities that I looked forward to with anticipation. It occurred to me that the more material things became important to me, the less I became aware of life. and I didn't get everything I wanted either. So I came to terms with what I had and accepted the fact that I didn't need any more to feel good about myself or to be happy.

I realized that I wasn't enjoying what I had at that point because my focus was solely on the future, when I would have more and when I would earn more. And the end of the song was that I missed the most important time: the present.

Don't wait any longer for everything to be perfect

Why should we wait for everything to be perfect? As I thought about it, I realized that I was not finding peace of mind, and I haven't had it for a long time. Something that we all keep in our souls and hearts from the day we are born - our essence and the gift of being a human being who is unique and extraordinary.

If you no longer wait for your life to be perfect, you no longer depend on the outside world for your true power, your authenticity and your inner balance to bring out. This is something that nothing and no one can take away from you. The search for perfection is a complete waste of time and I am tired of looking for it further.

Do not think about tomorrow

If we manage to perceive reality in this way, it is for the simple reason that we are afraid of not being able to defeat something that we are afraid of and that could actually occur. So I convinced myself that anyway "Everything will come as it should, and for a reason".

We all have plans. I have incredible goals too, but if you live your life according to the above motto, then you will only see the really great opportunities that life has in store for you and your plans don't seem so important in comparison.

There is something that I have understood by now and that is that expectations take energy away and they only allow us to focus on a few paths and options. You are already informed about these possibilities anyway. Your energy is blocked because you only think about the how, not the why.

I've always expected something. My mind created a chain of events that I wanted all of these events to happen in my life. And that's exactly why my head always worked under high pressure to meet my own expectations and not to forget anything. My body never came to rest and I kept wondering what would happen and what I would have to do to achieve what I was afraid of.

And all because I didn't know exactly how to do what I expected of myself. But do you know what the beauty of it was? When I stopped thinking about this mechanical chain, answers and extraordinary ideas came to me, that allowed me to see and enjoy my life in a simpler way.

I was absolutely exhausted, physically and emotionally, doing all of these things beforehand. It was like preparing for a marathon that disappointed me and felt like the downturn in my life. And it is paradoxical: What I wished for most was suddenly part of the process in which I got my life energy back. It sounds strange, but it was actually like that ...

After I came to terms with myself again and agreed with my mind that it was exactly what my soul needed and what my heart wanted, my life suddenly became more colorful and beautiful, and it came all by itself. I began to appreciate the gifts of life again that I had not known before, since the whole time I was looking for the answer to the question: "How can I achieve that?"

And now at the end of this article I'll tell you the secret behind it all in a nutshell: I made up my mind to no longer control my life and no longer insisted on influencing events. Everything comes as it should, when the time is right, in an immutable and simple way. So we should appreciate life and accept it for what it is without expecting anything. Live your life and be yourself!

"I trust in time and in the fact that it usually holds a sweet end to many bitter difficulties."

Miguel de Cervantes