How have you helped children in need

BILD hilft e.V. "A heart for children"

... is an internationally active aid organization, founded in 1978 by Axel Springer. Since then, around 385 million euros have been donated for needy children and young people. Only with your support can we help the children quickly, in a targeted and sustainable manner. The funding focus is on Germany.

The BILD aid organization supports children's clinics, kindergartens, soup kitchens, schools and families. The association enables seriously ill children who cannot be treated in their home country to carry out life-saving operations. In addition, “Ein Herz für Kinder” provides help in war and disaster areas.

The special thing about it: Every cent of your donation goes directly to children's aid projects.

"A heart for children" helps here

Our principles

“A Heart for Children” is more than an international aid organization. We are givers of hope, encouragers, supporters, lifesavers, facilitators and opportunity givers. In detail, "A Heart for Children" is active in the following areas:

  1. … saves lives.
  2. ... equips schools and day-care centers with furniture, learning materials and play equipment.
  3. ... financially participates in the construction and equipping of educational and care facilities as well as children's wards in clinics.
  4. ... supports research projects to heal teething troubles.
  5. ... helps families suffering from poverty with childcare facilities, clothing vouchers and Christmas packages.
  6. ... subsidizes the conversion of handicapped-accessible apartments or cars.
  7. ... finances excursions and holiday camps for children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.
  8. ... advocates environmental and monument protection.
  9. ... supports associations and organizations that are involved in disaster control.
  10. ... fights for more road safety.
"A Heart for Children" - Gala 2020

The big “A Heart for Children” donation gala on December 5, 2020 was an incredibly emotional evening with a record amount of donations! A show with committed people and brave children. The viewer received an intensive and very moving insight into a wide variety of aid projects in Germany and abroad. The stories tell of children in hopeless living situations, extreme poverty and serious illness. From everyday life, which with your help and the support of "Ein Herz für Kinder" enables the affected children and families to improve. And often even saves lives. At the end of the program, the unbelievable figure of 25,977,285 million euros was on the red heart !

“A Heart for Children” is an international aid organization. Every cent of your donation goes directly to aid projects for children. Help us help. Many Thanks.