Can the ring of green lanterns be destroyed?

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Publishing company: DC (© Copyright by TM DC Comics)

Right name: Alan Scott (1st Green Lantern)

Hero's Name: Green Lantern

Other names / abbreviations: GL

First appearance: July 1940 in All-American Comics # 16 (Alan Scott)

Creator: Bill Finger (author) and draftsman Martin Nodell (draftsman)

Group affiliations: Green Lantern Corps, White Lantern Corps, Justice League of America, Justice League International, Justice Society of America

Super skills: GL draws its super abilities from its magical or extraterrestrial RING. With it he can materialize everything from his ring that he can imagine.

Origin of his powers: Between 1940 and 2012 there were several GLs with different origins and also weaknesses of the ring. The first GL "carved" itself out of a lantern said ring - this had a weakness against wood and had to be "charged" every 24 hours at a magic lantern. The second GL got the ring from an alien (Abin Sur) who crashed on earth with his spaceship. This alien, a member of a kind of "space police" (Green Lantern Corps) named Jordan as his successor (Green Lantern of the space sector 2814), because he was dying after his crash. However, this ring had a weakness against the color yellow.

Green Lanterns sorted by time of publication:

Alan Scott - 1st Green Lantern (All-American Comics # 16, 1940)
Alan miraculously survived the derailment of a train - because he was holding onto a green lantern! He finds out that magical powers emanate from this lantern. He makes a ring that gives him magical powers. However, this ring has the mentioned weakness against wood and has to be charged every 24 hours at the magic lantern.
From now on he fights on the side of the JLA for the good.

Hal Jordan - 2nd Green Lantern (Showcase # 22, 1959)
When an alien spaceship crashes, Jordan finds a dying alien (Abin Sur) - a member of a kind of space police. Shortly before he dies, Sur names him "Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814". So basically the Green Lantern who is responsible for the earth. However, this ring had to be "charged" every 24 hours and has the aforementioned weakness against the color yellow.

The legend of DC begins around Hal Jordan Green Lantern Corps to introduce (which Alan Scott did not yet belong to). This Green Lantern Corps was first introduced in 'Green Lantern Vol. 2' # 9 (1961). It is a kind of galactic police force that was formed by aliens who call themselves "Guardians". These guardians, an ancient race, had used their power to create the rings. The guards had bundled their entire magical energy in a central battery on their planet Oa, from where it could be transferred to the charging batteries of the individual Green Lanterns. The 24-hour limit was originally intended to restrict the power of the lanterns.

His bitterest archenemy also appears on the picture or comic area: Sinestro, Hal Jordan's former mentor.

When Hal Jordan's hometown, Coast City, was destroyed, Hal wanted the Guardians to have more power in order to be able to revive the city and the people. When he is denied this, Hal freaks out, kills all Lanterns that stand in his way and almost all of the guards. He steals the rings from the dead and takes a bath in the central battery. However, this also makes him possessed by the powerful being Parallax, who has been held captive in the battery. Eventually it even destroys the central battery. Driven by the desire to undo what had happened, almost the entire universe was annihilated. However, he later sacrificed himself to prevent the end of our sun. Later (after Kyle Rayner reestablished the Green Lanterns Corps), he became GL of Space Sector 2814.

Guy Gardner - 3rd Green Lantern (Green Lantern Vol. 2 No. 59, 1968)
To take the confusion to the extreme, Guy won't be the last GL. And Jorden has not been relinquished as GL, but takes the position of GL again after Gardner. In order not to delve too deeply into the matter: Gardner is a kind of representative for Hal Jordan.

John Stewart - 4th Green Lantern (Green Lantern Vol. 2 No. 87, 1971)
Again just a kind of "transition" - Green Lantern. What makes him special is that he was one of the few "black" superheroes of his time.

Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern Vol. 3 '# 48, 1994)
In 1994 in Green Lantern Vol. 3 '# 48, Kyle Rayner became the new GL. He receives a special ring from the guards. It was created from a fragment of the destroyed central battery and therefore had no yellowing weakness and did not have to be recharged every 24 hours. He could use it until his energy was exhausted. He later became named a god-like being ion and re-established the Green Lantern Corps. Today he is an honorary member, with no fixed sector.

Simon Baz (The New 52 Free Comic Book Day Special Edition # 1 May 2012)
In The New 52 Free Comic Book Day Special Edition # 1 (May 2012), Simon Baz, a half-Lebanese from Detroit, Michigan, stepped onto the scene as the newest lantern. In Germany we finally got it served in GREEN LANTERN SPECIAL 0 in July 2013.

Green Lantern in the film:
In 2011, the real-life version of GL came to the cinema. Ryan Reynolds played the main role of Hal Jordan. Directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale). We also see Mark Strong (Sinestro), Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard and Tim Robbins in other roles.

Copyright notice: All DC Comics characters and the distinctive likeness (es) thereof are Trademarks & Copyright © 1939-2013 DC Comics, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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