What can I achieve in life

Achieving goals - 10 tips on how you can achieve anything in life

Limits only ever arise in your head!

Today I would like to show you how you can break through these limits ...

With the 10 most important tips, with which you no longer stand in your own way and finally make your goals a reality.

# 1 Don't ask if, but how

If you are setting yourself a new goal, then you shouldn't ask yourself IF it is possible rather HOW. Much of the history of mankind is a success story. In a relatively short period of time, we've worked our way from simple stone tools to manned rockets and quantum physics. And you wonder if it is possible to achieve your goals? EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! As soon as you stop wondering if If something is possible, you remove the factor of the possible impossibility from your head and you are immediately on your way to the goal.

Then you just have to think how you want to achieve your goal. But even in that regard, it has never been as easy as it is today. There is tons of free information on the Internet that will serve you well along the way. Whether YouTube videos, tutorials, blog posts or podcasts. You can use all of this to implement your goals. Because, as I said, there have been people before you who have implemented the same or a similar goal. So why not benefit from their tips and tricks? Saves you time and often a lot of money. Even if you are pursuing a goal that no one has achieved before: someone always has to be first. Why shouldn't you be able to be the one?


# 2 Think less, do more

A little parallelism from the field of sports: When a complete beginner wants to start doing sports, he sometimes spends weeks or even months planning everything down to the smallest detail. From nutrition to research about the right and necessary equipment. But in the end he forgets the most important thing. Namely, just to start. If you only plan but don't start dropping chips, you will ultimately achieve nothing. Every change in life is associated with work. Usually with more work than you have on your screen at the beginning.

So instead of just thinking about something, you should first get a taste of the practice to see whether it is something for you at all. To come back to the sports sector: How many people spend money on studio subscriptions or their own equipment and then realize after 2 weeks that they are not interested in it at all? So in the end you are just throwing time and money out the window. Another factor besides thinking is talking. Many throw around hollow phrases. “I will do this and that…”. Then do too and stop just fantasizing and talking. Instead of seeking external prestige through your words, let actions speak for themselves. From nothing, comes nothing!


# 3 Shedding the victim role

One of the most important factors of all: the role of victim. You have to immediately stop focusing on outside influences. In reality, these do not exist. No one is to blame for your situation except yourself. As long as you live in the belief that someone else is responsible for your situation, you will not be able to take responsibility and change your situation. The role of victim leads directly into a kind of shock paralysis that never lets you move.

Only when you take responsibility for your own life can something change. I know it sounds tough, but any situation can be overcome with your own mindset. And that is exactly what makes you the only person responsible for your situation. No matter what happened to you in life or where you are right now, only you can change it. Of course, you can look for inspiration from others to let the sparks fly, but only you can work on it yourself. So stop whining immediately and start changing something!


# 4 have patience

The classic. Nothing comes overnight. In order to achieve your goals you have to be patient. Even if YouTube videos want to tell you something different according to the scheme “how I made 10,000 € in just 2 days”. If you give up, there is always the risk that you are very close to your breakthrough. For this reason, giving up should never be an option for you. Always keep your goals in mind and work towards achieving them.


# 5 Don't compare yourself to others

There is no competition! You fight against yourself. You are in competition with yourself. Be smarter than yesterday. Be better than yesterday. Be closer to your goals than yesterday. That's all that matters if you want to achieve your goals. Everyone has a unique story and comparing yourself to someone else's unique story is just pointless. Of course, you can get inspiration and motivation from other people. However, if you start to denigrate yourself based on the success stories of others, you have already lost competition with yourself from the start.


# 6 Goal setting

Many fail not because they set their goals too high, but because they set themselves too small goals. Small goals are achieved too quickly. This may seem very refreshing the first few times, but after a short time you will no longer enjoy small goals and lose your drive. Set goals that others would call insane and megalomaniac. This leads to the fact that you have a goal in mind for which you have to come a long way. This gives you the long-term motivation you need. Another possibility would be to set a big “main goal” and many small “intermediate goals”. This gives you long-term motivation and every now and then you have smaller successes that you can celebrate.


# 7 visualization

A very important aspect. Many successful people swear by it: If you have something clear and detailed in front of your eyes, then you can achieve it. If you are not 100% convinced that you can achieve your goals and you cannot imagine them in all clarity and detail, then it will be difficult to achieve these goals. Nowadays the term “dreamer” has a very negative connotation. In my opinion, you have to be a dreamer to achieve your goals.


# 8 The snooze button

Do you think that you are doing yourself something good if you hit the snooze button in the morning? Absolute nil. Because the snooze button is not limited to your alarm clock, but to your whole life. If you don't have the discipline to get up when the alarm goes off in the morning, this snooze button mentality is likely to run through your entire life.

What I mean by that: You put off certain things instead of tackling them directly. The snooze button is a very good indicator of what type of person you belong to. So stop questioning and rethinking everything and get it over with. Why do you torment yourself for days with a thought in the back of your head instead of eliminating it directly?

# 9 Set priorities

Your friends go out to party on the weekend? During this time, work on yourself or on your project. Do others spend their money on senseless garbage? Invest in yourself! If you can do without fun and "luxury" in the short term, you will reap the benefits of success in the long run.

An example: While other people go out to party and have fun, you work on becoming self-employed. After your 9-to-5 job, you are still working on your own business. Of course that's uncomfortable. In the long run, however, the result can certainly be seen. Because while other people have a badly paid job until they retire that doesn't bring them any fulfillment, you've made yourself your own boss while everyone else relaxed or had fun.

On the other hand, you are your own boss at 30 and have an income that exceeds that of everyone else and old-age poverty is no longer a topic of conversation for you. Then you have fun and can relax while everyone else toil. You have to make sacrifices first to make life the way you want it to be. Of course, this attitude can be projected onto all areas of life.

# 10 Help others

Many consider karma to be spiritual. In the end, karma belongs more to the physics category. Because karma is nothing more than a relationship between action and reaction. Do you want to earn your money by ripping other people off? Do you want to build your success on your back and on the suffering of others? Believe me. Sooner or later you will have to take exactly what you dealt. There's no way around it.

However, if you build your success on helping other people and also making positive changes to their lives, you will be rewarded for it and achieve your goals.




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