Where can I buy google reviews

Buy Google Reviews - Increase Sales and Reputation

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If negative Google ratings or a bad rating average scare your customers away, then you should buy positive Google ratings! That helps quickly and sustainably.

In hundreds of conversations with our customers, one thing crystallizes again and again, namely that the majority of bad Google reviews are not real reviews from disappointed customers, but reviews from people who have never been customers of the company in question.

Because behind these reviews there are often malicious competitors, or former employees and their accomplices who simply want to harm you in order to get a larger share of the “customer cake” themselves.

The first question that we are usually asked is whether we can delete these harmful reviews. We have recently been able to answer this question, at least when it comes to German Google reviews, with YES and, in connection with the purchase of positive reviews, offer an unbeatable competitive advantage for little money.

This means that by buying Google ratings you increase the basis of your ratings on the one hand, your company is presented as worthy of choice, as established and as a reliable service provider when searching for new customers, as well as when adding information to regular customers.

On the other hand, the positive comments that you receive from satisfied customers every day are written down and made available to the general public. After just a few weeks, your company will present itself as you deserve it over the past few years. As a top company in your region or as a top address for online shoppers.

In order to achieve this, we have had a pool of real testers over the last few years who can evaluate your company regionally or nationally in German-speaking countries. With more than 120,000 testers, a regional assignment of the ratings is possible, which increases the credibility and authenticity of our ratings. clearly increased.

That is why we are confident that we will find the right testers for you, who most likely already know your company and can positively appreciate your leadership skills.

More than 83% of customers read reviews before making a purchase online or offline!

It is therefore important that the image of your company is not shaped by a mix of dissatisfied customers, malicious competitors and former employees, but rather the 98% of customers who are satisfied with their work every day. Unfortunately, it is almost always the silent majority who do not worry about the importance of positive feedback for the survival of your company.

So it is now important to act like an entrepreneur and buy reviews in order to take control of all of the above. Don't let a minority ruin your business. Let us document your true capabilities. Hold the reins. in the hand.

Buying Google reviews - easy and successful

Buying Google reviews is legally safe. Strictly speaking, it is a violation of the UWG. However, this only comes into play if a competitor can prove that they have bought reviews. We have not seen this fall in the last five years.

Buying Google reviews is easy - we will guide you through our simple ordering process at the end of which you have several options for payment. After usually less than 48 hours you will have your first evaluation and more will follow in the next few days in order to draw the most realistic evaluation pattern possible.

Buying Google reviews from GoldStar Marketing is successful because we only work with real, lively testers and real Google accounts. We guarantee that we will not use any fake accounts or IP address changers, so that deletions are practically impossible.

A positive side effect: Whoever buys Google reviews usually increases in the local ranking (Google My Business)!

How does buying Google reviews work?

1) First, choose the amount of Google reviews you want to buy. In general, the more you buy, the cheaper the individual valuation will be. Then click on "Add to cart".

2) In the shopping cart we have two important fields:

First, "order notes". Here you wrote us your wishes. E.g. in what timeframe we should evaluate, or whether only women should evaluate AND a link to your Google profile that we should rate.

Second, we ask for your VAT identification number. If you indicate this, we will send you an invoice without VAT.

Go to the checkout now.

3) Fill in all relevant data regarding your company here. We need this information in order to create and send you a correct invoice. You will receive your invoice by email immediately after payment.

If you have a discount code, write it in the appropriate field at the top right.

Now go ahead and choose your payment method.

4) How you can pay: Buying Google reviews made easy

You can complete the purchase of your reviews with a payment by invoice, credit card or direct debit.

5) Select "Buy" and we will start to improve your rating profile in the long term.

Don't hesitate: Buy Google ratings now from the real market leader - Goldstar Marketing.

Good ratings = good sales! Act like an entrepreneur now - at GoldStar Marketing you get the perfect solution for little money.