How many retirement homes are there

Living in a nursing home is currently the biggest risk factor for death from or with Covid-19. This is shown by the country's November figures.

By Tobias Lübben

In the first two and a half weeks of this month alone, 174 people died of or with Covid-19 in Hessian old people's and nursing homes. This comes from the statistics of the regional council (RP) Gießen, which oversees all homes in the country.

In the same period (November 2 to 18) there were a total of 272 deaths in connection with Corona in Hesse. That means: two out of three corona deaths are currently in old people's homes. This is a significantly higher proportion than in the first Corona wave, when about 40 percent of the deceased had previously lived in a home.

Older people belong to the risk groups when it comes to a possible corona infection. This has been known since spring. Despite the bitter experiences in the first corona wave, politicians and operators did not succeed in protecting the homes from the pathogen in the second wave.

More than 1,200 infected people currently

The virus is currently rampant in every fourth retirement and nursing home in Hesse. The number of infected residents is increasing: According to the regional council, over 1,200 residents are currently carrying the pathogen. That is 20 percent more than the previous week and twice as many as in April when the first wave peaked.

Land wants to introduce rapid antigen tests

The state of Hesse now wants to implement what experts have been calling for for a long time: rapid antigen tests for all employees and visitors. The tests are designed to identify contagious people before they enter a home. If exposed to unprotected contact, they would pose a potentially fatal threat to residents. The Giessen RP currently has more than 700 infected employees in the homes.

The authority assumes that a number of deceased residents not only carried the corona virus, but also had other diseases. The regional council cannot give any figures. It therefore remains unclear how many people who died after infection were Covid-19 as the main cause of death. This generally applies to numbers of deceased people in connection with Corona.

Broadcast: hr-iNFO, November 20, 2020, 6 a.m.


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